AkiP’s Ruling: Sashiko To Join HKT48 (and leaves AKB48)

  June 15, 2012

AkiP “It’s not a demotion but rather I want to support her with this move”

Shinoda Mariko on Twitter

Now we are on the filming (of MV for the election single)

AkiP “Though we are supposed to talk on Maeda’s graduation, the accident happened.”

“She is waiting in the backroom now, trying to mentally prepare to talk about it.”

Maeda should leave soon, because she has to join the filming of a movie next morning. (<- revealed)"

Acchan “We can’t expect what will happen tonight. So we just let it flow!!”

Song ~Kimiha Bokuda~

AkiP “After Maeda graduates, then she is no longer subject to Love Prohibition law. So you will be able to have a boyfriend.”

AkipP and Acchan is talking about how her relationship will be like.

AkiP “After I’ve seen her for years, I have an feeling that Maeda is the member who is not cut out for relationships the most. Don’t you think so Miichan? (Miichan: Yes… It’s hard to picture she maintains a happy relationship…) Her boyfriend would be exhausted to deal with her because she is so selfish. (Acchan: I am often told the same thing by my dad…)”

Miichan “But this srather gives us hope as we think like, ‘Look!! This girl who has been a star in Sho-Biz is actually not cut out for relationships!!’ It somehow makes us relieved.”

AkiP “So she can enjoy relationship in Drama or movies, and she can have 20 or even 30 of pets at her home!”

Miichan “Do you have a wish to have a relationship with a man you like? (AkiP: And she has Meada theory.)”

Acchan: “I think when we enjoy good times, we also have bad times in some part. Now I am enjoying successful career in my work, so I think my private life is affected by a bad luck.”

Acchan “I use all of my energy to my work. I don’t have my private life. But that’s why I can do fine in my work.”


Acchan “So Akimoto -san looks down members as women? (AkiP: That’s rude lol) No!! I think you don’t see us as women. (AkiP: That’s right.)”

AkiP “But if I were as old as you, I go with Kojiharu as my girlfriend. I think Kojiharu can maintain relatively nice relationship as she is okay being left. But as for Acchan, she may want to have close relationship, so as their relationship get closer, say…. talk dozens of times a day on a phone, she may ended up being fed up with it…. lol”

Miichan “Now we have Acchan as a guest…(skip)”

AkiP “How do you feel about these 6 months? It was long? short?”

Acchan “It felt long.”

AkiP “What made you start to talk about you graduation at that moment?”

Acchan “Uhmmmm I’m not sure but it’s not Akimoto-sensei’s advise.” (AkiP said “The final day of SSA, encore is the best timing to announce the graduation.”)


AkiP “It took a lot of nerve to start talking I guess….. but if you didn’t, then you can’t move forward anymore.”


Miichan “But who cure my pain to lose Acchan…. ;_; (SkiP)”

AkiP “So Minegishi doesn’t want to graduate anytime soon?”

Miichan “I want to stay in AKB48 as long as possible…”


AkiP “Your graduation is only 2 months ahead now. Time flies… “


AkiP “It felt strange to see the filming of MV where Maeda doesn’t join.”


AkiP “You are like my first daughter. I learn how to raise my daughter from you.”

Maeda “So you don’t feel pain even if you put me in your eyes?”


Miichan “So recently Akimoto-sensei sometimes call Acchan, Acchan, not Maeda…”

AkiP “really? I call you Miichan but I don’t aware that I call her Acchan.”

Acchan and Miichan “You often call her/me Acchan recently ^^”

Miichan “Now everyone calls her Acchan. When we say Acchan, everyone think of her. Her nickname have become that popular.”

Acchan left the show.

Song ~Migitaka ~

Sashihara “Good evening. I’m so sorry for causing you trouble (crying) I’m really sorry.”

“When I heard the story, I had no idea what they were talking about. After I read the article, there’re a lot of things that I don’t know at all on the article…”

“But….. it’s fact that I was friends with him.”

“My father’s saddened face and faces of everyone who has been supporting me came across my mind. I couldn’t have meal. I repeated eating and vomiting. During the rehearsal for the tour concert, I had a hyperventilation, and explained to members who didn’t know about anything that it was because I was feeling sick.”

“It took a time until I could tell this to my mother. When I confessed this to my mom, I couldn’t see her face… I was so scared to read the comments from fans on my blog. I really felt that I made everyone worried so much.”

“I read your comments a little before, and it hurt my heart enormously (:You can’t read more than 10,000 of their warm comments without tears….). I’m so sorry….. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what I will do in the future…. and…. talk to Akimoto-san as this is the first time I meet him (after Buunshun’s story dropped.)”


AkiP “LOL You are so depressed from the beginning. 

Sashihara “How come I could talk normally!?”

AkiP “Yeah…. So…….. what’s the real thing?”

Sashihara “E? uhmmmm…..what do you mean by “real”…. Do you mean what’s real and what is fake? (AkiP: yeah) It’s fake and It’s true. (AkiP: I don’t understand what you meean.) So…. It’s partly fake and partly true.”

AkiP “You know what? When you have become very popular, these things happen. If you aren’t popular, no one would write an article about your past. But when you’ve become like this, naturally some people dredge up your past. So it can’t be helped… because you conducted a thing in the past that can lead misunderstanding.”

“So if I leave this as it is (=if I ignore this news), people will get mad at us, like “Wow AkiP is always easy to Sashihara.” or “Does Sashihara really regret of what she’s done?” But I don’t thinkg it’s all your fault…. so it’s really difficult to judge…”

“I’ve thought a lot how I should deal with this…. And the thing is that your behavior lead misunderstanding of fans who’ve supported AKB, you know, you can’t deny this, though it’s the past. But because of these factors, I figured that I would like you to dedicate yourself to AKB48, and my conclusion is…..”

AkiP “Tomorrow, Sashihara will transfer to HKT48.”

Sashihara “E…..”

AkiP “Transfer to HKT48.”

“You will transfer to HKT48, and because they are all 1gen, they don’t know what to do, and together with HKT members, you will enliven the group.”

“So as soon as possible you move to Hakata and join them.”

“But it’s ok that you continue joining TV show such as Waratte Iitomo. But you will belong to HKT. “

“So from tomorrow, you introduce yourself as HKT’s Sashihara, not AKB’s Sashihara.”

“As members of HKT are all 1gen, those girls may not know much about things, and it might happen that they would do the same things as you did. So you can teach them that they shouldn’t do things which lead misunderstanding, or how their behaviors look to others., so as you instruct to HKT members about these kind of things, you dedicate yourself to AKB48.

“Then, because your hometown is Oita, you can be close to your mom, you can easily visit your home and you mom can frequent your new home in Fukuoka. You can also talk about what you’ve learned from this experience. So from tomorrow, you are HKT’s Sashihara.”


Miichan “Akimoto Yasushi sense’s House Sitter special (because he is hosting this show as stand-in for AKB members) Sassy is still in the studio, and I’m Minegishi.

AkiP “So what do you feel about the conclusion?”

Miichan “I was listening to the conversation….. and I was taken aback….”

AkiP “But because she was misunderstood, or if there’re some fact in the story, Sashihara should…. do something in her own way….. So, Sashihara, you even thought about leaving the group, didn’t you?”

Sashiko “Yes, I talked to Shiichan…. the day I first heard about the news, we were in Ichikawa, joining the concert… and Shiichan noticed from my atitude that something serious was going on.  I talked to her that this may be the last stage with her….”

“I thought I should leave the group because I betrayed fans…. betrayed?? uhmm, I mean I couldn’t care about how they feel about my seseless behavior…. but when I stood on the stage…. i felt regret and disgusted with myself, but at the same time I thought I still want to stand on the stage…..”

Sashihara “And…. it touched my heart that Miichan and Takamina were my side…..”

AkiP “And on that night, Miichan and Takamina were with you and had dinner together right?”

Miichan “We had dinner and we went Karaoke…. we sang tons of songs to cheer her up.”

AkiP “So I don’t think the story is completely true. But the point is you can’t say like, “this point is fake and that point is fake….”, but people make their own judgement with the whole story. It’s the fact your conduct resulted in misunderstanding from people as a consequence. So you need to do your own….. say… re-start… you need Reset… So if we let you suspend the activity, then we will obscure the point. We can’t figure out what’s exactly wrong. So you can use this as a lesson and share it with HKT48 members.”

“So some people may think only causing worry should be penalized. And I also don’t know to what extent this story is true, and some say it’s gray, so you should respond to those voices by your behavior and convey your will to take responsibility… and that’s why you go to HKT, and you should understand that this is more about my wish that I want you to grow HKT than a penalty.”

Miichan “So as a member, I’ve closely seen Sassy’s hard-work. I’ve been AKB48 for 7 years and Sassy has been for 5years, right? (Sassy: kl@tklj$) What are you talking? And though she has shorter career than me, the amount that she devoted herself to AKB48 is tremendous… and I know that she has worked really hard. So though it will be in a different form, I’m happy that we will still be able to work together. So honestly, for this reason, I was relieved as I was listening to Akimoto-sensei’s talk.”

AkiP “I think it’s partly because of Sashihara’s clumsiness. If she can deal with this more clever way, then it wouldn’t have resulted in this way….. So…. some part of your personality that you often retreat into yourself (may have caused this accident)… but I think if you consulted others, talked to people, the result would be different. I don’t think it was bad that you had retreated into yourself. So you might have had very tough moments when you were Kenkyusei, and if you’d talked about it to your mom or other people…… but you are a kind of person who try to solve your own problems by yourself…”

AkiP “But I couldn’t imagine I would hear the scandal of Sashihara….. lol I’d thought I would never hear scandals of Sashihara and Ashida Mana-chan….. lol (Sassy: lol I’m the same as her?) Yeah…. so that is how it was unexpected.”

AkiP “But scandal will never be reported unless you’re very popular… So Maeda-sensei(lol) made a really nice and deep remark. (Miichan: Yeah that’s exactly like what Sensei said.) As Maeda-sensei said, you can’t only enjoy good times, but you also have to endure bad times. When things are going so fine, bad things are approaching you.”

Miichan “This is tremendous….. right now, you have got the all attention….. I feel you.. it’s a tremendous pressure….”

AkiP “But I can somehow understand why you feel so anxious that you couldn’t have slept…”

Sashihara “Yeah…. though it’s because of my own fault…”

Miichan “The fact you frequently meet your fans in person, you are very close to your fans may all the more hurt you…”

AkiP “So… you still lack the experience to imagine how people judge you from your behavior…. So it’s not like, “I’m totally innocent of these points of this story.” “I had no intention to have relationship with him… he was mere a friend of mine.” People won’t take these excuses. People may imagine that “if you are getting close to him, then what will happen?” So I think this will be a good lesson for you.”

“So if, from now, you will dedicate yourself to HKT and make it popular, people will have an impression that “Wow Sashihara is awesome” (and may be going to forgive your misconduct and trust your assertion)”

Sashihara “I will dedicate myself to HKT48….. but because this is the first time I heard about this, I am feeling very upset….. I think it’ll take time to be recognized and accepted by HKT fans and HKT members, but…. I gotta do it….”

AkiP ” In HKT48….. most of members are like 13 or 14 y/o. So in HKT48 you will be like Mariko in AKB48. (Sashiko: Noooo, I don’t think I should be considered like that…)”

Miichan “But even if it’s Sashihara, she will be a great senior to HKT members (Sashiko: LOL even Sashihara!?) So they may get nervous to interact with you….”

Sashihara “Yes yes you’re right… what should I do…. will they call me Sassy??”

AkiP “But please…. are there any other (scandal) stories of other members????”

Sashihara “No…. all members are very conscious of this kind of thing. It was just because I had a very low level of awareness.

Miichan “What if another story revealed??”

(AkiP talked about when he was young, he was also not aware of how people judge him from his behavior.)

AkiP “It hurts me to punish you. I want to forgive you actually. But…. of course you have fans…and public eyes are on you…. But what’s fortunate is I can think this as a first yellow card to you.

AkiP “So, people support you to help you realize your dream.”

Miichan “Many people wrote Soredemo Sukidayo on her blog’s comments form.… I was like “AkiP was expecting this would happen?””

AkiP “LOL Am I psychic??” (Soredemo Sukidayo(in this context) means “I still love you even though you had an alleged scandal.”)

song ~Soredemo Sukidayo~


Sashiko left the show.

AkiP called Yuko, Rena, Kojiharu and several other members, but all of them didn’t answer.
Now finally Kitarie answered to AkiP’s phone call.

Kitarie “Good morning….. (2AM)”

AkiP “Keyword!! Keyword!! Manatsu no…..”

Kitarie “Sounds Good!!”

AkiP “Nope 😛 You are supposed to say Manatsu no Unagi.”

(after the brief talk, Kitarie hang up the phone)

Miichan “How do you think about her songwriting of Guilty Love

AkiP “It’s actually awesome. I’m surprised that it looks like the work of professionals.”

Miichan “So Yuko’s number on my phone was wrong….”

Yuko calls to the studio….

Yuko “Hello.”

AkiP “What are you doing?”

Yuko “I’m talking to Acchan on a phone.”

AkiP “So you are now on the filming of MV? How is it like?”

AkiP “Today’s ANN was Sashihara special.”

AkiP “You were listening to the radio?”

Yuko “No…”

AkiP “Ask Maeda about what happened lol”

Yuko “(talking to Acchan) really? seriously???? (to AkiP) So she will move to HKT48????”

AkiP “Yes she will be HKT member from tomorrow.”

Yuko “Wow….”

AkiP “So maybe it’s gonna be hard for her to join the activities of Not Yet, but she will still a member of Not Yet, and I hope you and other members help her.”

Yuko “Yes…. Wow….. I’m surprised….”

(Yuko hang up the phone)

AkiP “Iwasa sent me text message…. Shimada as well, though she(Iwasa) can’t join the show, as she is 17 y/o….”

Song ~Suika Baby~

AkiP “Shinoda sent me text message. “(Mariko write about how Sashiko had worked hard when she was KKS, and how fast she has been promoted.) I’m surprised with AkiP’s decision but it’s true that she caused worry among fans, so I wish her the best in HKT48. So now the situation is like this, but I want her to work all the harder so that fans will think it was a right choice to never give up supporting her. “”


Letter from a listener

Miichan “”How AKB will be like 10 years later???” Will AKB48 still exist??”

AkiP “I think so…. (he talks, even though AKB48 would lose it’s popularity, AKB can still continue their stage at Akihabara. What’s wrong with holding stage shows for 20 or 30 audiences? Nothing.)”

They talks about the quality required to become top idols

AkiP “Idol should’t care too much about how people react to their girly or flirting behavior “

Miichan “So Yukirin has an ideal personality for idols???  “I make you trans~~~~!””

AkiP “Yeah…. but I still feel hesitation from her when she finishes speaking her catchphrase…. lol”

AkiP “I think Milky is awesome. That’s how idol should be. Her G+ is a wonder world.”


AkiP “So I received many messages from listeners saying “Is this a demotion transfer???””

AKiP “I don’t consider this as a demotion. New team(HKT48) need a new leader, though…. there are teams like NMB48 which has a strong leader Yamamoto, and SKE48 which has Rena who also lead the group, and Jurina….”

Miichan “(letter from a listener) Do you have any idea who will be a next center?”

AkiP “I don’t have a specific person to play a center in my mind, right now.”

Miichan “If I win Janken against you for 3 consecutive times, will you select me for a center?”

AkiP declined, explaining the reason. But anyway they did Janken

Miichan lost lost draw lost…..

Miichan “Letter from a listener “Did you have a moment you cried in the election?”

AkiP “I’ve started crying since the moment Nakanishi’s name was called at 63th.”

Miichan “Letter from a listener “Have you ever asked Yoshimasa to improve his song in the process of creation?”

AkiP “River….. I wanted to do stumping in this song, so I asked him to modify a bit. He is basically an artist, so he tends to make beautiful songs, but it’s not always perfect for songs for idols. I asked him to change Everyday Cachucha’s intro, too.”

Miichan “Honestly I’m feeling uneasy. Is AKB48 going to be able to do fine without Accahn???”

AkiP “But we need to metabolize. Even if Acchan wouldn’t graduate, sooner or later, some members will want to leave.”


Miichan “So will you join the show again some time?”

AkiP “I am willing to join but…… does it mean a similar accident will happen??? I don’t want to hear this kind of news again lol So some people are worrying that I relegated her to HKT48, but this is not a relegation, but on the contrary, I want to cheer her up. “


Note: Some people are rumoring, “Sassy will start over from KKS at HKT. But no one made a remark like this and AkiP even said” HKT needs a leader and that’s why I made this decision.”

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