So now team A has two vacant positions….

  June 15, 2012

Please join the conversation. I want to include your voices in this post.

Who will join team A???

Natsuki Kojima-chan…


I think Mitsumune will rise like a dragon….

LOL It’s no brainer!! No body can beat Cindy when it comes to “tentative position” 

Cindy and Noro-san started warming-up!!!

One slot will be almost 100% filled by Mitsumune…

Mitsumune and Tomu!! Please!!!

Tomu will. I think that is the most obvious choice?

I’m okay with Kaoru and Nana to be promoted.
Oh come on…. we’d better start with REFORMATION/SOKAKU (again!!) at Tokyo Dome!!!
I’ve come to the point that I feel sorry for Izurina (Rina Izuta)… please give her a chance…

I actually want Rena to come to Tokyo!!

LOL I totally agree with you!

OMG I feel so sorry for those team 4 members who are just promoted…..

I have a feeling that one member of HKT will transfer to HKT in exchange for Sashihara…

Please…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rena and Sayanee!! Please come to Tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yasusu(AkiP) “I let Rena and Sayanee hold concurrent position in team A.”

最近登り始めたし。 (入山=Iriyama = Annin)
Tomu Mutoh, Natsuki Kojima, Nana Fujita and Kaoru Mitsumune….. 2 members among these 4 will be promoted….
Please include Izurina….

Mhh from KKS I can say Tomu….. but why don’t you include Ryoka Oshima in your list!!!! 

Though I want Ryoka on Team K when Yuko leaves…yeah, tradition..Oshima the second (from AKB0048).. 

I agree Tomu, but who will be center.

I opted for Tomu and… Mitsumune, maybe, but she’s still unboiled, she’d better be in Team 4. Honestly, I think Iwata or Juri should instead be in A.”
It looks like it really will become true that Muto will be next center of AKB48….
Based on Mariko’s speech, two junior members who are favorite of management (such as Paruru, Milky, Karen, Kaoru etc), then it will literally be like “Juniors take over Seniors”!!!  
Tomu and Nattsun are not joke… they will really be likely to be promoted……

Actually I don’t care popularity of team A anymore…. I need members who really have talent in stage performance….. (Karen!)

Nattsun…how unlucky she is that has got strained back at this timing….

Absolutely true…….

But it’s better for her back to be promoted to team A, as it will dramatically decrease the number of stage she perform. (because she doesn’t have to play as Stand-in anymore)

But because team H already has full 16 members, I think they will likely to transfer one or two members to AKB48….
If so, it’s probably gonna be Sugamoto.

LOL I think she’d (Sashiko) better start over from KKS.

So from now, who will play a role of Hetale in AKB’s TV show????

1st favorite Okaro (Sayaka Akimoto)
2nd Shimada (Haruka Shimada)
3rd KK (Kana Kobayashi)

Uhmmm uh? All of them belong to office48….

They are probably gonna do Reformation/Sokaku at Tokyo dome..
And… it will be likely that they shuffle tons of members between branch offices (SKE,NMB,AKB) and HQ (AKB).
I guess 2 more members will go Hakata (HKT48)….

If so Ohya will definitely be one of them. (Ohya is from Fukuoka)

So it will be “concurrent position announcement” festival??? lol
But…… team N and S are now preparing new Stage……

My choice is Aayaloid (Ayaka Morikawa) and Wakanyan (Wakana Natori).
Though I don’t mind if i’s Izurina and Nana (Fujita).

So… change Waruky’s concurrent post from B to A, and promote Izurina to team B!

One of two will definitely be Mayuyu.
Coz team A will lose multiple of top members in a row, and has no teen top member.

Despite all the bet, Jurina will hold triple positions in team S, K and A lol

Finally Dome Reformation is becoming a real possibility…. plus creation of team 8 (will be revealed at Dome concert?).

Just normally think, it’s gonna be Reformation.

But the story is progressing….. like one HKT member will be transferred to team A, and the other will be promoted from KKS, right?

Then team A will be too weak…..
Not to mention team K, but they even can’t stack up to team B….

I think Itano and Minegishi to return to team A is the most natural. People still feel awkward to see them in team K.

Cindy “Team A. Now I come back to you!!!”

Come on… first of all, bring back Minegishi…..
Team A totally will lack members who are good at MC, and it won’t be resolved by promoting KKS who are even still poor at MC…

I think they will add someone to replace Acchan, but….. Sashihara’s position would be left to be vacant until she will come back.
Or… let Rena temporarily join team A  while keep holding her post in S, and will end it when Sashihara will make come-back.

They can pick members from JKT48 in the name of international students.

I really think they should return Itano to team A…. unless team A will have no one who can play a center…..


Mitsumune?? She is too much alike Mariko (both appearance wise and personality wise)
And Mitsunume herself says that she wants to join team K.

Don’t worry. We will see Reformation takes place at Tokyo dome.

Well actually it’s a dick move to bring surprise at this timing.
Just carry on what you normally do and promote hard-working KKS.

I completely agree with you.

So they’d better do Reformation as an occasion to promote hard-working KKS?