Tokyo Dome Concert Should be AKB48’s Solo Concert

  May 18, 2012

As mysterious tweet has surfaced online that there will be a big surprise on the day before AKB’s first Tokyo Dome concert, naturally fans of SKE48 and NMB48 has been expressing their concern that they don’ want their group be involved in shocking moment in AKB’s concert (think about Jurina at SSA, you’ll get an idea…)

From two channel “Upcoming Tokyo Dome concert this summer should be exclusively done by AKB48”

So I guess everyone includes AKB48 Ota hope this?

I’m branch offices (= AKB groups except AKB48) Ota,
but I should agree with this.
I don’t want SKE to be bind only for 1 or 2 songs,
and don’t want them to be involved in crazy surprise.

I love AKB and NMB but AKB48’s solo concert is a right answer, I think.

I think…. management completely ignore the sentiment of people who are fans of only one group…

Thy will join after all….

There’re a lot of domes other than Tokyo Dome, such as Nagoya, Osaka or Hakata…
Why don’ you make it your first goal to hold solo concert in these domes?”

AKB -> Tokyo Dome
SKE -> Nagoya Dome
NMB -> NGK (<= lol NGK is the hall for Yoshimoto, basically used for comedy events)
I think this is the final answer..

LOL NMB won’t hold their concert in Osaka Dome????

I think it’s almost impossible for HKT to hold their solo concert in Yahoo Dome (in Hakata)….

It doesn’t make sense that AKB’s concert will automatically be whole group’s concert…

But  they’ve come to the point that they can’t stop it…
With only AKB members or some trick such as ‘unit shuffle’, AKB48’s concert will be boring that we can’t stand to watch for long hours..

How about doing Tokyo Dome concert without unit shuffle, but instead performing past single or Revue numbers with original members.
And bring (original) undergirls for graduated members positions.

I want to watch AKB48’s concert not AKB’s concert sometimes…

But….. it’s honestly gonna be not quite satisfactory if it’s without W Matsui… (Rena and Jurina)

But I guess they will bring in branch offices for the reason that AKB48 members are busy and they don’t have enough time for preparation… they have to fill out the time when AKB members are changing costumes…

If you don’t have enough time for preparation, then don’t hold the concert.

Of course (unlike SKE Ota’s sentiment) NMB and HKT members want to stand on the enormous stage of Tokyo Dome.

I think it’s better to bring only HKT or JKT.
If NMB and SKE will guest the stage, then poorly promoted members won’t have chance to appeal on the stage…

I agree that concert with only AKB48 members will be more beautiful (= perfected).
But today’s AKB has not build by only AKB’s effort but it’s a combined efforts of AKB and branch offices. So I can’t agree to exclude branch offices from this comcert.

Sorry for throwing cold water on heated discussion, but first of all, the tickets will really be sold out??

I guess it will be sold out, but because of scalpers, there must be some empty seats.

But it’s the last concert for Maeda, isnt?
Just only for this concert, they’d better let other groups decline to join the performance.

Please do so.
Don’t make our girls involved in nonsensical surprise announcement!!

I accept that Jurina and Sayanee will join the stage but the rest is not welcome!

 I guess Milky (team B) will also perform in team B for the first time in the concert.

But after all they will bring many of branch offices members just for Manasu no SG,
so it’s not that different…

(If SKE and NMB will join the stage after all,) Call Nogizaka!

I guess JKT will join, too.

I heard they’ve started Revue in Jakarta.

I rather think they’d better gather old team A members!!

They maybe will announce the members of TPE or even SNH….?

Honestly I’m having so much fun as  a branch office’s fan, so I don’t want our girls to be involved in ridiculous things happen at HQ…
(He sounds like an office worker)

Either way, I don’t care!

It’s heart breaking that KKS who’ve just joined AKB this year can step on the stage of Tokyo Dome has been the dream place of early members….. 

This concert mark the end of  AKB the captor 1, as Maeda graduates and AKB fulfills their long-longing dream.
So all members should join this stage to succeed the legacy.
Will they announce the next goal??

It’s gonna be physically impossible if it’s solely performed by AKB members.
Since SKE, NMB and HKT are also AKB groups, it’s better to include their performance in setlist of TD concert.

The right answer is that Tokyo dome can’t be filled out only with fans of AKB48.
Current popularity of AKB48 is not enough….

If so, please refrain from buying the tickets for Acchan-Ota. Please!!!!!
Yes…. I’m serious, please refrain only for this time!!!

Even though tickets won’t be sold out from Ota’s purchases,
probably ordinary people will buy if there will be general sales.

Physical wise, I guess they can manege it if they do setlist like this,
W: whole members
What they should do is don’t play performance with such many members for all the songs.
You know, many music acts with only small number of members do Dome concerts.
Momo-Clo has no stand-in members but they could hold Seibu Dome concert…

About ticket, it’s no brainer it’ll will be a premium ticket…. I doubt I could get a ticket…
If I can buy a ticket, I will go for 3 consecutive days (if it’s a 3 days concert). And I guess everyone will do the same, how do you think?

lol Physically impossible….. then they should retire!!!

I will welcome any group as long as they’re AKB grous (SKE, NMB, HKT, SDN, JKT and other new groups such as TPR, SNH).
But they gotta prepare enough!!
If this will mark the end of the chapter 1 of AKB, then it never should be like Seibu Dome concert…..

I want KKS to play only first one song… (for opening act or pre-show act)
The bigger the venue gets, the easier that audience will get cold by KKS’s performance.

Either way, Jurina and Milky will join as members (of team K and B respectively).
And of course Sayanee and Rean will appear since they are Media Senbatsu of Manatsu no SG!
Many of branch offices fans will come to watch the concert because of this.

I guess many of branch offices Ota were originally AKB48’s Ota, so many of them are willing to go to Tokyo Dome concert since this concert has a special meaning for AKB.

I think the first half is correct.
But I guess many of those people think like ‘Please don’t call our girls just to let them sing several songs.’
If AKB48 can’t do the exciting performance from the beginning to the end,
then don’t even try doing it!!!
By the way I’m AKB Ota…. (lol)

Takamina found Rinatin among audiences, she stares at Rinatin but Rina soon turn her eyes from Takamina….

Team B members rushed to Hirajima as they found her among the audiences.
Komatani sitting on the front row seats gently took out the photograph of deceased fan ‘Rider (Mr. Fukuhara)’

If there will be Drama’s like this, it’s gonna be an exciting show…..

If they bring branch offices to Tokyo Dome, then bring poorly treated members of branch offices as well…

The concept of  the event is to send off Acchan.
So it’s natural to bring all members include 14gen and JKT.
What a nuisance!

I think it’s too early for other groups. AKB48 only is better.

If so, AKB members after 9gen are also too early.

I agree with you. Members still at the level of KKS shouldn’t step on the stage of Tokyo dome.
I rather want them to realize that the stage of Tokyo dome is not something they can easily stand, and to have a ambition that some day they will perform on this stage.

It’s gonna be all about Maeda….

Absolutely, since this Tokyo dome concert will be the eve of her graduation Revue. (though this may be controversial, given the sentiment of old and new fans alike, it’s inevitably gonna be painted like the eve of her graduation)

I’m not particularly interested in this discussion.

Since actually members of branch offices want to join Tokyo dome concert lol

If there’re other occasions that we can see AKB48’s solo concert, then I don’t particularly care about this.
But since nationwide tour is performed by each team, we rarely have a chance to see AKB48 together on the same stage, so I don’t want other groups to reduce the time when we can see all AKB48 together.
On top of that, they even decreased the number of AKB48’s songs from Request Hour…

Not necessarily have to be Dome, but we may want to see AKB48’s solo concert at venues like Budo-Kan….

I just want graduated members to stand on the stage in any forms….. even if it can’t be possible. Personally for some reasons mentioned above I think Tokyo dome is still not a place for KKS, HKT and JKT… they’d better to say hungry.