Atsuko Maeda Will Graduate After Tokyo Dome Concert and Following Stage At AKB Theatre In Akihabara (and 2 more stories about JKT48 and SKE48)

  May 17, 2012

As you already know, Atsuko Maeda’s graduation schedule was announced through AkiP’s mouth this afternoon.
Most of fans expressed their relieve as Acchan and AkiP decided to hold her last Revue of AKB at AKB theatre in Akihabara, the small theatre which can only accommodate 250 audience.

AkiP G+

“I was able to hold a meeting with Atsuko Maeda the other day. I had passed her by in places like the studio, but did not have time to sit down and talk to her since that day in Saitama Super Area.

About AKB, her peers, her juniors, her fans, and about her own future…
Though she is not good with words, she shared her sincere thoughts with me.
I was touched to see that the shy 14 year old girl that always hid in a shell had matured into a 20 year old woman, who care for others and share those feelings with me.

Although she is still not good at conveying her thoughts, because of that her raw feeling comes directly to my mind.
And the shy expression she shows every now and again is the same “Acchan” I knew.

Anyhow, Atsuko Maeda will be graduating after the Tokyo Dome concert and the AKB theater performance on the following day. (detailed schedule will be announced on a later date.)

Good luck, Atsuko Maeda!!”

As AkipP already stated, we want AKB to be a group hold Revue at small AKB theatre the day after they held a concert in a huge Dome stadium. So we now can see Acchan in the stage of Tokyo Dome concert as well as in the small theare in Akihabara where everything has started, as she is consistent to AKB’s concept till the very last moment.

When one era of AKB is about to close, one group has just started their musical career across the ocean.

AKB’s first overseas sister group, JKT48 held their first theatre Revue in Jakarta today, 17th May.

JKT48’s shares it’s concept with AKB48 as “Idol who you can meet”, and just set off to expand their popularity. Their first Revue will continue until 20th, and it’s also planned to set up JKT’s exclusive theatre in Jakarta.

About 100 fans gathered at their stage sent passionate cheers to JKT48 members. The group was formed last year, and has gradually increased their popularity as they’ve starred in TV Ads and attended local events.

Sourse Sanspo

Meanwhile in Japan…. don’t worry. SKE48 never lost their momentum.

Though we all know the yesterday’s sales figure of SKE’s new single Aishiteraburu didn’t include the sales of theatre version, we (I) were somewhat disappointed.

98,952 SKE48
28,045 SHINee
17,321 AAA

This sales figure was so scary that I couldn’t even dare to look at like everyone else.

But of course their sales figure showed a huge leap today, as it included theatre version’s sales!!
(Though this means people who buy normal editions are only 100K….But I think most of fans are interested in Shake-Hands event (think about Rena and Suda!!) and live concert rather than full MV and bonus footage. So it’s not that surprising.)

Since SKE48 has no rival this week, unlike NMB48 in the last week, it’s almost confirmed that SKE48 will be the No.1 in this week’s Oricon chart, making them topping the chart for 5 consecutive singles!!
288,164 SKE48 
12,475 AAA 
8,889 SHINee 

Tsuyoki Aozora  Gomenne 1!2!3!4!  Bambi  Pareo  Okidoki Kataomoi  Araburu

M —,— —,— —,— —,— —,— —,— —,— —,— —,—
T ***,*** *21,961 *35,267 *86,322 163,208 264,492 283,011 285,467 *98,952
W ***,*** ***,*** ***,*** **9,056 *15,934 *47,709 *45,672 *72,185 288,164
T ***,*** ***,*** **8,177 **7,569 *10,783 *17,827 *15,410 *16,689 —,—
F **2,970 ***,*** ***,*** **5,747 **8,195 *13,770 *10,691 *96,240 —,—
S **3,672 **2,467 ***,*** **3,793 **3,571 *13,885 **8,527 *11,570 —,—
S **3,593 **3,271 ***,*** **7,426 **2,952 **8,309 **7,411 **9,922 —,—
T ***,*** ***,*** ***,*** 117,562 204,643 365,992 370,722 492,073 387,116
1W *22,624 *34,747 *62,078 119,913 206,608 378,747 382,802 495,809 —,—
Despite the release date of this single was only one week before AKB’s single Manatsu no SG!, they successfully  increased their sales from the last single Kataφ (= Kataomoi Finally)!!
We don’t know how sales figure of theatre versions will be included (since it’s sold separately in 5 series of sales), but according to SKE fans, 1 to 3rd series of sales of theatre version was included in today’s sales number.
Unlike NMB48, which has two different bonuses for theatre version, the bonus of SKE48’s theatre version is only Shkae-Hands event, which means SKE is still far ahead of NMB.
*SKE’s theatre version -> bonus is Shake-Hands event only
*NMB’s theatre version -> we can buy both Shake-Hands event and 2-Shot-Photo event.
アイシテラブル / Aishiteraburu
なんて銀河は明るいのだろう / Nante Ginga ha Akarui no darou
あうんのキス / A・U・N no Kiss