Rena Matsui of SKE48 Had A Line of Fans Longer Than Tokyo Sky Tree

  April 1, 2012
AKB48’s hand-shake event is one of the most grueling event in Japan. And these days, the term AKB48 is equivalent of AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48, means all AKB families. That said, SKE and NMB has popularity as much as AKB. Simply put, they are leveraging each other instead of losing each other’s share.

But of course, SKE and NMB are still lag behind AKB in terms of  star players. See this picture of SKE’s hand-shake event… Because Jurina Matsui was absent from sickness, almost all fans gathered at the line for Rena Matsui. These two girls are by far the most popular figure in the group.

Here I got some comments of Japanese fans who were there.
大阪全握1時間遅れ One hour behind schedule here Osaka.珠理奈欠席で玲奈レーン3月20日の3倍(600メールぐらい)並んでいる  Because of Jurina’s absence, the line for Rena is more than 600 meters, three times as long as 20th Mar…
玲奈人大杉 Too many people at Rena’s line..150分待ち 150 minutes of wait time..
スカイツリーと同じぐらいか 600 meters? About same as Sky tree’s height…
150分待ち…(゚Д゚;)   OMG 150 minutes wait time???
予定より早く休憩入れて休憩も長かったから1回ダウンしたっぽい  Rena took a longer rest earlier than scheduled… Maybe she too got tired and sick.
90分たったけど、1/3ぐらいしか進んでない 90 minute passed, but only one-third has finished.
玲奈を潰さないでくれ Please don’t push Rena so hard…

In the end, she couldn’t finish hand shake for all fans lined up at her lane.
According to official statement, Rena had a pain near rib for a while, and her pain resurfaced during mini-live at that day, making it’s impossible for her to continue hand shake event.
But fans were so lovely, nobody was complaining, even they didn’t get refund or compensation of any kind… (We need ticket to join hand-shake event, and to get a ticket, there’s no way but buying their record.)