AKB48 Atsuko Maeda “Having a Good Appetite” in Hong Kong

  March 27, 2012

One night passed since the announcement, Atsuko Maeda held a live concert and hand-shake event along with other members of AKB48.

The ultimate Ace of AKB48 doesn’t have a time to rest. On 26th Mar, she was on the stage of KITEC (九龍湾国際展貿中心) at 8PM.

Standing the center of the stage, she performed “Aitakkata” “Everyay, Kachusya (=Alice Band)” “Darekanotameni (=For Somebody)”.

Arrived at Hong Kong around 2PM, 5 hundreds of fans were welcoming her at the lobby of the Hon Kong International Airport, but she didn’t show herself to the fans.

After the live concert, she talked “This is my graduation trip.” “I haven’t read what my teammates wrote on their blog or twitter yet, but the most impressive word is ‘Make more memories together’.”

During the 4 hours of flight, she only awake for 20 minutes and was sleeping for the rest. But heeled by the mild air in Hong Kong, she is having a really good appetite and enjoying Honk Kong foods, she said.

This time she is with her best friends Haruka Nakagawa and Yuka Masuda, both are at the same age as Maeda. It may explain the reason why she described this as ‘Graduation trip’. Yuka Masuda said “I love Atsuko. I could understand how everyone loves her.” and Haruka said in a determined voice “We visit her house almost everyday and it will never change after her graduation.”

Relaxed mood in Hong Kong