Yasushi Akimoto (AkiP) Dropped the Release of Yuki Kashiwagi’s New Photobook

  March 27, 2012

Looks like Google+ is a really comfortable place for AKB family.

AkiP just dropped the release of the New photobook of Yuki Kashiwagi on google plus. Guess what? The way he dropped the seemingly confidential information is really funny.

“Memorandum (for insiders),

Osawa!! I saw an e-mail from Shuesya (Publishing company) a little earlier, so Kashiwagi’s new photobook, which go on sale 19th April is…. still confidential? When can I drop the release date or title name???”

“I think that photo taking a sand bath  in a bunny girl costume is the best!!
For front cover’s image…. how about Nabe (=hot pot) photo?
You know, it would be revolutional to have a such photo on the front cover of a girl idol’s photobook!!
I think a close-up photo of Kimchi and pork hot pot is gonna be avantgarde. I don’t hate it.”

Yukirin (Yuki Kashiwagi) “Yasusu-sensei (=Akip)! It’s still confidential!!”