Members of AKB48 Join To Celebrate National Cherry Blossom Festival

  March 28, 2012

I’s been 100 years since the city of Tokyo gifted Sakura, Cherry blossoms to Washington, . To commemorate this incident, this year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival is to invite the special guest, including AKB48.

3 Members of the group, Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi and Ayaka Umeda held the press conference on 27th Mar, at Japanese Embassy in Washington.

The concert will be held in 27th and 28th, and tickets are distributed to local residents for free.

Obviously, AKB48 is so famous figure in America that there are many American medias gathered at the conference as well as tons of Japanese media.

Looking back their last U.S.A concert, Mimami Minagishi told, “Last time at our L.A concert, I saw some seats were vacant, but this time I would like people to see grown up AKB.”

Minami Takashishi said she wants to see cherry blossoms while she is in Washington. Asked about Atsuko Maeda, she told “As we are a group, graduation is something inescapable for us. While we are welcoming new members, some member are leaving the group. To give a supportive push to those members is my and our duty. And I have to work hard more than before. I feel that all the more in this different environment, U.S.A.”

This concert is supposed to be held to express gratitude for aid and help for Tohoku Great Erathquaku and Tsunami from U.S.A.

Members with Japanese ambassador for U.S

Source Yahoo Japan Photo credits GLITTARAZZI