AKB48, Members Give Their Thought on Atsuko Maeda and Graduation from AKB48

  March 27, 2012


— 篠田麻里子 (@mariko_dayo) March 25, 2012

AKB48 is like a school. You can learn things, develop yourself, but you can’t be there forever. When the time comes around, old members leave, and new members join. Some of major members of AKB48 revealed their thought on Atsuko Maeda’s graduation and their own graduation.

Haruka Kozima

 In Pon! on Nippon Televison Haruna Kozima, cutest but the funniest, said, “That was a blowout announcement. Looked at Acchan’s determined face, we have to give her a supportive push. (Untill her actual graduation,) I want to make a lot of memory with every members. I also thought I have to go ahead, too.”

Saika Akimoto
Yuko Oshima

Saika Akimoto, an exotic half Filipino half Japanese beautiful girl, hadn’t knew the Graduation until the announcement. Akimoto, whose dream is to become an actress, said “I don’t think of anyone who are satisfied with just being in this group. The original concept of AKB48 is a step to make your dream come true. In that sense, I think she made a important decision.” “The time will come for me, too, some day. I will have more and more juniors, so, I want to give her a supportive push gently.” On the group’s future, she said “AKB already has a firm position as a group, what comes next is as a person what we can do, though I understand it’s gonna be a difficult step.” “I would be 120% funny on the comedy show, and on Drama, I want to show my another face. My goal now is to expand my field.” She stars the NHK Drama “朝ドラ殺人事件”, which will be aired on 27th and 28th Mar. This is the first time she stars TV Drama.

Oshima Yuko, who has been two top of AKB48 along with Atsuko Maeda, wrote on her blog, “Please light up our way, and give a supportive push to us and members who are gonna graduating…”

Rino Sashihara

 Rino Sashihara wrote on her blog, “I somehow feel lonely. I thought I just finally became friends with her… My lovely senior. I want to be closer to you.”

In the press conference of her new sponsor, Tomomi Itano told, “When Acchan And I went out to have meals, she told me about this. This is an answer she reached after a long thought, and I think there is a dream ahead of AKB48. I also have a dream, so I want to her to make her dream come true. Sad to say good bye, but I wanna cheer her up.” “When, in the future, I graduate from AKB48, I pursue the dream of my own. If Acchan accomplish her dream first, then I will encourage every members. I don’t want to lose to her. It’s no rivalry”. We are and will be friends.”

Mariko Shionda, famous for her Gromance with Haruka Kozima, tweeted, “One thing, Atsuko didn’t say when. I told her I hope it’s 20 yeas, 30 years later. She smiled. Do I have any chance? I love AKB, I love every members. I want to go ahead together. Once again, I thought how lucky I am to be in this wonderful group.”

Mariko Shinoda
Tomomi Itano