Photos – Minami Takahashi (Takamina) in Washington

  April 1, 2012

Saitama was a one of the toughest concerts for Takamina. So we can’t blame her if she got too relaxed after that…

倉持明日香(Mocchii) – 9:51
こちらワシントン~  Here is Washington team~

さいたまスーパーアリーナが終わり Just finished Saitama SA Concerts,
うちのキャプテンはこんな感じで浮かれてます(笑)  our leaser is too relaxed!!
26 - 1

倉持明日香 – 10:23
これからリハーサルです(*?3? ) We’re gonna do rehearsal  from now

チャラみなキャップとおたまる(笑)  Yankee Takamina and Otamaru!!

26 - 1 (12)

Looks like Hilary was there just as a translator??? Fans expect Hilary will get popular in U.S. through her English skill.
Hilary in the left