Special Strong Bond Between Atsuko Maeda and Takamina Will Never Disappear

  April 1, 2012
We all thought ‘as long as Takamine is there in AKB, Atsuko Maeda will never leave the group’…

Takamina “We can’t have a right to stop her.”


This words suggests she’d trying to persuade her not to leave for countless times

Last year, Takamina said to Mariko “I wan AKB48t to win Record Taisyo Music Award at any cost.”, which is unusual remark for her humble personality.
But looking back now, that was because she already know it was a last chance to win the award with Acchan.

It was a tough moment, a lot of emotions run through her herat. When Acchan couldn’t dare to start the speech, Takamina put her hand on Acchan’s shoulder…

Until the very last moment, they held hands together. The last moment…. when Acchan approach to fans to exchange final words… At the moment Takamina had smile on her face. As if she speaks “Atsuko, go and give your fans your greeting.” in her heart.

AKB for lyfe…..