Tomomi Kasai Succeeded in Her Diet and Transformed Into Goddess

  April 1, 2012

In online forums, Many of Japanese fans chant “Tomomi!! Release Photobook  as soon as possible!!!”

Actually, she has been ill for some time, and it’s probably because she can’t exercise enough for that.
Many fans named her transformation “Come Back of Tomomi Kawanishi”.

Among Chu fans (=Tomomi Kawanishi Otaku), this song captures the best of her beauty.
Come back of Tomomi Kawanishi reaffirm AKB48’s domination of Asian Music Scene.
Hopefully soon they will get mainstream popularity in America and Euro.

I initially mistakenly read her name as Kawanishi lol Some kids in Hello-Forum let me notice it, so thanks kids and shut up!!! lol (No, it’s joke. I love you kids!) This is what happens when Japanese AKB fans has long lived in USA, having almost no opportunity to talk about them with people in person!