Tomomi Kasai of AKB48 Is Getting Cuter

  April 1, 2012

It’s obvious she got slimmer than bofore, but ont only got fit but she is absolutely more beautiful than before.

Some says that’s because she is the only member of AKB48 in this TV show, so she feels responsibility.

One comment describe her transformation the best.

Oh she really got slim.
Just a little before, she looked like a woman in her 40’s, especially her back made her look old.
She got back her cuteness of early days!!

Anyway, the consensus is… her transformation must do good for her and draw more fans.

I initially mistakenly read her name as Kawanishi lol Some kids in Hello-Forum let me notice it, so thanks kids and shut up!!! lol (No, it’s joke. I love you kids!) This is what happens when Japanese AKB fans has long lived in USA, having almost no opportunity to talk about them with people in person!