Haruna Kojima “I wasn’t consulted before….”

  March 29, 2012

On 27th Mar, Haruna Kojima attended the press release and talk show of American Dorama series ‘Gossip Girl’. Inevitably she was asked by media reporters on Atsuko Maeda’s graduation.

Surprisingly, she said Astuko Maeda didn’t consult her about her graduation. But as usual her witty banter, she explained the reason of that because she is not a kind person people consult on serious matters. “Just same as fans, I’ve been thinking about her all the time since last Sunday.” she said. “As for me, I want to continue more.” Haruna Kojima aka Kojiharu‘s easy-going character is popular among fans, and this less-ambitious comments reflects her character well.

Although she didn’t talked with Atsuko Maeda on the subject, she already knew that from members mouths. It’s not clear that who told Kojiharu, but given each member’s character and who are Kojiharu’s best frineds, it’s maybe Minami Takahashi, the most responsible, the most reliable girl, who cares about everyone, includes evveryone.

At 2ch (Japanese popular online forum), fans speculation goes that when Kojiharu hugged Atsuko Maeda on the stage after the speech, Atsuko Maeda looked like speaking “Haruna, Nyan Nyan, Gomen (=Sorry)” to Kojiharu when they awere singing “Aitakatta”. That means Atsuko Maeda apologized Kojiharu for not having consulted her. When Atsuko Maeda was looked at her on the stage just after her speech, she obviously looked shocked and suddenly bursted into tears.

The decision itself was tough for Atsuko Maeda. In addition, not being able to tell everybody about her thought hurt her a lot that she felt she was hiding the truth from members.

The photo below captured members’ expression at the moment right after Acchan revealed her graduation to fans. Some members are like “Finally this moment has come…”, while others look really shocked.
We can hardly see Kojiharu crying, losing her temper. This was one of the rarest moment Kojiharu shed tears in public… Bottom line is… Kojiharu is divinely beautiful even when she cries, but also she looks poised even more when things get though.

This photo tells all about what AKB48 is..