Who’s your favorite cosplayer? and I want to bury my face between Seira’s boobs!

  September 18, 2012

Simple is the best…

I guess because they couldn’t broadcast this on ground-wave, they deliberately made her lose…

This is sooooo sick!
Come on….. is there any way I can watch this again!”?!?

I just want to show her Oppai to nationwide audiences just to expand AKB48’s fanbase….

This is too authentic!!!

Hiramatsu Kanako 9:39pm

I lost ToT

I feel so sorry…. seriously sorry….!!


Wait wait wai wei wei!! Can I bury my face into Seira’s Oppai when I had something sad??

Togasaki “Hell! I’m so happy to allow you to bury your face to mine!!!”

Breast-feeding lOL

How I wish swimsuits Seira will be in Senbatsu…..

Kinda looks like her boobs have been growing bigger and beautiful!?!?

Sato Seira 10:03pm

This is today’s costume of mine!!

Blue swimsuits(^^)/

Anna (Ishida Anna aka Annya) put a lot of rhinestones on this~♪

Anna, thank you so much\(^^)/


Goto Risako 22:03

Deguchi Aki 22:30

I want to be in between them (´⊙ω⊙`)うへへ!!!!

The winners of today’s Janken tournament are IWA and Seira!!

I LOL’d at KK as she looks somehow so muscular.

Aamin looks so cute both as a cleaning woman and Cinderella!!

LOL Both are Cinderella, actually.

Umechan’s Gingham Kimono was also really nice!

Was that Kimono made by Shinobu-san!?

Aamin, Iwa and Komori’s costumes were nice.

Indonesia’s flag and “Former Harugon” and the costume in the same color.

I think she should stop using this phrase”Former Harugon” as it sounds so lame.

“Oppai combi from branch offices!!

Iwata’s armor costume was really elaborated!

It’s so regrettable that it wasn’t broadcast on TV….

ChapuChapu monster~~

↑Nice. It’s so sad that she just need several minutes more to be broadcast on TV….

Kasai, Seira and Yuihan were my favorite.

Princess Sae was really cool. I really love it.

The problem is that she is just too weak at Janken, but It’s a great step forward that she is now conscious about Sae-Yuki battle.

Seira and Komori.

As expected, Ishida was dressed in Gugutasu no Sora’s costume…

It’s a bit hard to figure out the concepts behind Ohba and Chiichan’s costumes….

Nattsumi won the contest!


I once again realized that how awesome Shinobu is….

Maybe Komori?

Without a single doubt, this is the best shot.

↑ So beautiful….

By the way, Kashiwagi’s costume was nice, too, wansn’t it?

Though I can’t get IWA off from my mind…


I think this is a costume for some song?

I thought this is a costume of DiVA for PV, but looks like I’m wrong?

Over all, there were relatively many Ero factors in this Janken Tournament.

Sae and Yuichan.

But, that costume suits Takamina too much.

I think it can’t be joke for some people when it suits her that much…

Looks like AKB members placed orders to costume staffs, but how about SKE?

Did they make costumes at their own expenses?

↑ I heard Amina paid by herself.

HKT48 Moriyasu Madoka

I appreciate Aamin’s idea as it has a story~

Ohya and IWA were disgusting for me…

This reminded me of this.

Yokoyama, FAKE Kashiwagi, Kanon and Iwa

There are the girls I’m impressed the most.

Itano△, Chikano, Komori

After all, It’s Sato Seira’s swimsuits.

As Iwata Karen put too much effort to prepare the costume, it’s hard to tell who is this girl…


↑Loid (Morikawa Ayaka)


Iwata looks like so badass LOL

Akimoto Sayaka 23:08

Akimoto Sayaka 11:08pm 9/18

High-fashion-like costume and make-up! Kishimoto-san, Ryo-san, thank you so much・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


I thought Yokoyama will wear a costume of Honmayan…

I’m soo disappointed at her.

I was expecting these kind of scenes are aired on TV a lot.

Who the heck needs that weird forecast by the fortune-teller!?!?

Wait, I can’t find any of Yagishan’s images!!

Why the heck? She was astoundingly cute, wasn’t she?

↑Because she was too cute that cameramen forgot to press shutter buttons.


After all it’s Yukirin LOL

As expected of Yukirin, hat off to you sir.

By far, the best reaction, as expected from the Reaction Queen,

They’ve gone into another dimension LOL

I think no one wore costume of theater setlists this time?

Or was there anyone?

↑I think probably not?

All you guys who were looking at Kawaei, with an obscene look. Now polices are keeping eyes on you LOL

Feel free to share your thoughts, impressions or anything funny.