AKB48 Janken tournament will be live broadcasted in ”Kakyoukyoku”!!! & Today's Churi:Camera

  September 13, 2012

Sashiko will play a MC or reporter role for the program!?!?

I lost all interest in Janken now….. All attention is now on tomorrow’s ANN….

Sashiko….. Congratulations…..
By the way, 3 hours for Janken tournament only? I’m worried that it’s gonna be a boring TV show…

I can’t find Sashiko’s name anywhere on the page. Are you serious? Or did you just want to make a fuss?

After TBS updated the page, Sashihara’s name has disappeared…. I don’t know why…

After all, the girl who they can really count on when things get tough is Sashihara Rino. It’s all thanks to Sashihara that TV producers can let AKB48 to star at a golden time for TV shows without any worry.


Today’s Churi:Camera 




I like her hairstyle in the first photo

yeah yeah Bird Bird tons of LOL tons of LOL
As far as I can see from these photos, she looks like one ot the most important characters of Majisuka 3!!
As expected of Mob-Yanagi!!
She is filled with confidence!!!