(Results) Janken tournament, HKT48 Preliminary contest

  July 6, 2012

Sato Kazuya

Anai Chihiro vs Sashihara Rino.

Sashihara kicked out as early as at the first round….
She sent a yell to cheer up captain Anai.

Rino-chan is so weak at Janken lol

Sashiko is collapsed lol (´-ω-`)

It looks like everyone is amused by Sashiko’s reaction!

What did she throw?
Scissors, that she nailed a cool pose with in Sashiko no Kuseni???

I actually interested in it. lol
Anyway, it was good for her to have a chance to sent cheering yell for captain Anai.
So, captain, you gotta win~~~!!

LOL Her costume is exactly the same as Nakayama Kinnikun’s (referee)!!!

Sato Kazuya

3 members who will advance to Budo-Kan’s final are
Eto Sayaka, Moriyasu Madoka and Nakanishi Chiyori!!

I think this a really nice member line-up!!

Yeah yeah, I will send my congrats to them at Kobatsu handshake event next time!!

Somehow, it settled with members that I can genuinely cheer up!!

Whoever won this contest, it doesn’t matter. As HKT fans, we can support any member who will try their luck at Budo-Kan!!

I totally agree with you. Whoever go to Budo-Kan, I will support them.
As representatives of HKT48, I wish all the best to them!!

Sato Kazuya
Eto Sayaka vs Komori Yui
She continued 5-match winning streak from KKS’s preliminary contest!!!
She made her way to Budo-Kan!!
The same costume!!

She is seriously invincible when it comes to Janken!!!

5 consecutive wins!?!? Saayan, you’re amazing!!
This is totally real-life Drama!!



Pink Panther (Pink Panty) is so cool!!

Uitan is collapsed to floor, crying…. so cute…..

And…… is this a real panty???

She admitted that it’s real, in AruAru movie.

And she will show off her pink panty at Budo-Kan?!?

Who is that girl who wears red clothes?

Murashige Anna

Sato Kazuya
Miyawaki Sakura vs Moriyasu Madoka…..

Moriyasu Madoka goes to Budo-Kan!!

Ohhhh Madoka Congrats!!

Sakura fallen….

Falling cherry blossoms~~~~~~。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

OMG So she will be spotted by other groups Ota!!

Madoka… she will considerably increase fan of her as many will probably be captivated by her at first sight!!

Sato Kazuya
Anai Chihiro vs Nakanishi Chiyori, the battle between the girls of the same age!!
Nakanishi Chihiro won by her great Sukiyaki power!!!
She goes to Budo-Kan!!

Chori wins~~!!

Is this good or bad?
But if Chihiron would win this battle, she would have been persistently said/introduced that she is the girl who kicked out Sashihara….

Yeah, good or bad, I don’t know, but she will surely be introduced “She beat Sashihara!!” in the final tournament.

And if…. yeah if Saayan (Eto Sayaka, KKS) would win her spot in Senbatsu, that would make me absolutely cry!!!

Seriously just picturing it makes me have teary eyes!!

(after the contest…)

But looking back, I don’t think there’re any members who has become famous thanks to Janken…?

I think if it’s meant to be, she will become popular… like.. if someone who is really attractive but hasn’t had that much exposure will win a center position for Janken single, then if it’s meant to be, she will make an enormous breakthrough!!

It’s like…. just better than nothing….

Iwa-san (Ucchii) could make her first appearance in Music Station as a center, so it’s not that she will get nothing.

If Madoka will win the tournament, she will definitely play piano solo!!

LOL Center plays a piano!?!?

I have Angela Aki in my mind lol

Then I hope Madoka will Janken against Sakiko in the first round at Budo-Kan!!

I already got goosebumps by just picturing what it will be like if HKT member will win the tournament and to play a center of AKB48’s single….!!!!!

SKE48 preliminary contest for 2012 Janken 
SaeedYokota Elena to advance to Budo-Kan 
From NMB, Shinohara Kanna, Hikawa Ayame, Kawakami Reina, Takano Yui and Kotani Riho won the preliminary match.