SSA Handshake event report – Janken tournament will be held in September

  June 24, 2012

At Nationwide Handshake event for Manatsu no Sounds Good! held on 24th June, AKB48 announced that they will hold this year’s “Janken tournament” on 18th September at Nippon Budo-Kan. Members who won the tournament will be Senbatsu for AKB’s 29th Single released in December.

This time, HKT48 including it’s new member Sashihara Rino will join the tournament for the first time. Total 66 of AKB48‘s regular members plus Marsui Jurina of SKE48 and Watanabe Miyuki from NMB48 can go straight to the finial tournament while AKB48‘s KKS (held on July 4), members of SKE48(July 5), NMB48(June 30) and HKT48(July 6) will join the preliminary contest to advance to Budo-Kan.

Former AKB48, not HKT48 member Sashihara Rino must win the only 3 slots assigned to HKT48 in order to join the final tournament. “I must keep winning win from the preliminary contest…. Only 3 members can advance to the next stage from HKT…. I must win…”, she talked in worrisome tone in front of 20 thousands audience. But soon she got back a positive attitude, saying “I…. will definitely come here!!” in a gusty voice, which brought big cheers and laughs from the audience. But Takamina quipped, “You know, it’s Sashihara…” “Don’t you think she will lose in the first round. As usual, she was friendly teased by senior members

Last tournament’s winner Shinoda Mariko had a relaxed smile. “You might see Uekara Mariko. Yeah, I’m doing voice training.” she said as she was looking back the last tournament started with the winner of the first Janken tournament Uchida Mayumi’s performance.

In the same event, AKB48 announced the release of their new album which goes on sale on August 15th, and the promotion of 6 KKS members.

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Summary of the announcement at SSA

*Release of 28th Single in October
*Release of 29th Single in December

*This year’s Janken tournament

On September 18 2012 at Nippon Budo-Kan

AKB48 (A, K, B and 4)
AKB48’s KKS (preliminary match on July 4)
SKE48 (preliminary match on July 5)
NMB48 (preliminary match on June 30)
HKT48 (preliminary match on July 4)

KKS (SKE, NMB and HKT) have one only slot for each team to join the preliminary match. (see the photo below)

*Promotion of 6 KKS of AKB48
Izuta Rina, Kobayashi Marina, Fujita Nana, Kojima Natsuki, Natori Wakana, Morikawa Ayana(they will join Janken tournament as regular members)
*Album release
Title is not yet determined / 2 CDs + DVD

*Birthday party for Kitarie

I’m getting bored with Janken….

And here is me who is not bored with it at all.

I feel bad for Budo-Kan lol

I’m also still not bored with Janken.
After all, we can get heated up the most with Janken.

But please don’t stop consecutive million-seller singles….

I wish Hosare men the best…. (Hosare members: Members who are considered to get unfairly poor treatment and promotion from management and agencies)
And I hate to see Branch offices members to win Senbatsu positions….

Ishida “This season is rolling around again….”

So again their announcement is completely template-like…. though I don’t care as long as the event itself interesting.

It’s getting like WWE lol

I wish they would film “Janken real” again…..

Even if they filmed Janken real footage, it would no longer be “real”… because of too many blah blah blah in the previous tournament…

It may be getting boring for many fans, but Janken is the one of the biggest chances for Hosare men and their Ota.

Will Janken be aired on TV??

Whether they will hold public viewing at theaters or not, that’s the only thing what matters.

So of course they will live-stream on Gugutasu???

Every time, the runners-up of this tournament will make a little breakthrough.
(1st Janken’s runners-up: Ishida Haruka, 2nd Janken’s runner’s up: Fujie Reina)

They will hold a drawing of lots for the tournament at Tokyo dome….?

I feel bad for Tokyo dome….. lol

I’m looking forward to Okaro’s costume.

from 2nd Janken tournament


Akimoto Sayaka on G+
Paruru~~~ System~~~~
Good morning~~~~
Takajo Aki “Thank you so much for giving us a good smile from the morning!!”
Nakamura Mariko “Akimoto-san!! Good morning!!”
Nakamura Mariko “This pretty much tells how awesome Akimoto-san is!!”

Shimazaki Haruka “Wa…. Warui Kitty-chan!! (B…bad kitty-chan!!)”

So who will be the referee?? Again Yama-chan???

Referee: Maeda Atsuko.

I feel bad for Maeda-san….

I hope no one would be discovered their scandalous Prikura or personal blogs and get suspended membership and there would be no default win in the tournament…..

Who are you talking about!?!? (Minarun and Shimarena)

What is expected to happen.
Kojima-san will appear in a red dress.
-Ota will make enthusiastic videos for their Oshimen.
Ariyoshi Kyowakoku will make enthusiastic documentary.

Last year, many of top members confronted against each other in the first round.

Akimoto Sayaka vs Maeda Atsuko
Ishida Haruka vs Nito Moeno
Kojima Haruna vs Takahashi Minami
Matsui Jurina vs Miyazawa Sae
Kitahara Rie vs Itano Tomomi
I would laugh if Mariko wins again…… I mean I would be too happy.