Watanabe Mayu's tenacity to become Ace of AKB48 is the real thing?

  October 15, 2012

“I'd joined the filming of UZA's MV with a completely different mindset from before. To aim at Ace position… to become a person called Ace, I still leave a lot to be desired. I want to keep endeavouring to be acknowledged by everyone.”

I think she'd better take it easy.

I think this is also the reason why we are attracted to her.

Despite her oft appearance, she has burning fighting spirit inside.

Uhmmm but she actually has little chance as there's Jurina.

“Game is over when you give up.” by Coach Anzai

I can understand her feeling of chagrin as one of the candidates of next generation Ace is a far lower ranking member.

But Mayuyu. The fact that you're not one of the best favorite members of AKB's brain parent Akimoto Yasuhi is after all the biggest obstacle for you….

Even though she couldn't make it, it's her attitude that counts.

I don't think Mayuyu herself actually much cares it.

If you're talking about her comment in the Cupnoodle Commercial, I think it's more like a fanservice ….

↑I've been following all commercials os Cupnoodle “Real” series, and I keenly feel members are speaking from their hearts.

It's management's intention to depict the real of Mayuyu as a struggling No.1 Ace candidate.

To select Juria and Yuko as Center of AKB , move to team A, her position in Manatsu no Sounds Good!…. these are all decisions of management.

Anyway, there's no telling whether management has an intention to make her Ace.

Akimoto is such a  capricious guy.

You can't ever conclude she will have no chance.

Are you talking about the commercial where they're playing musical chairs?

Nope. This is clearly the talk about Cupnoodle commercial

This is a good thing, isn't it.

Nabe-san, the girl who used to be called CG, now is becoming more human, expressing her real emotion outwardly.

Her true character is basically more competitive and ambitious than her image we sense from her outward looks.

This is a good chance for her to get out of her old self.

This is what it meant to fight to be Center. Mayuyu hasn't even joined the game yet….orz

Akimoto Yasushi

Jurina~ Thank you for commenting!

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Matsui Jurina


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↑It's sad if it's they can't become Center without doing this…

↑x2 LOL'd but at the same time is so frustrating.

↑x3 Actually the bar is set unexpectedly high…

Jurina who has already become Center of new AKB48.

Paruru who has been hyped as Next Ace of AKB48 on all media outlets

Mayuyu who quietly talks she is aspiring to be Ace.

Uhmm I think Mayuyu become a sort of Shadow or Moon of AKB48.

If she can ever exude an aura that makes people sense tenacity or even grudge, I think many people will find her captivating.

I think this should be talked in the same context as Takamina named General Manager, Mariko and Yuko named captains so as to nurture their juniors.

It's more like a role for the whole AKB48 group that desperately needs someone who can bridge Maeda Oshima era to Next Generation's Era than her personal desire.

↑Yuko, Mariko and Takamina have no intention to nurture their juniors.

It's something they hate the most to make someone popular thorough talent cultivation.

At least that what Yuko said in the photobook.

Yuko is not a kind of person who nurture others.

On the contrary Kashiwagi has never expressed she wants to be Center, which actually makes me even amazed.

If someone could ever attain Kashiwagi's position, it's natural that she starts to want be Center.

But it looks like she doesn't care it at all, and even supporting Mayuyu who won the 2nd spot this year.

↑She was. She said she aims at Center before the election. (in Kayokyoku)

Before, she used to say she aims for Center. But after management shifted to promote Next Generation members, she's changed her attitude and made it clear that she doesn't want to become Center.

Rather, her dream is in her solo career as an idol singer than in AKB48.

I think she is not talking about Ace herself, but this is her answer when asked her thoughts on Ace.

※I don't know.

Actually this kind of tenacity is what makes AKB48 different from all other groups.

It's actually a recent weird trend to pretend not to be interested in Center, and the very reason why Paruru had been bashed by so many people.

What Mayuyu is keenly aware of is the fact that she is at a position where she must aim to be Ace, but not her desire she wants to Ace.

↑That's the most accurate interpretation I think.

Mayuyu has been said to have few Anti and that's why she is not an ideal person as AKB's Ace or Center. I wonder if having few Anti is her shortcomings.

↑It's not a good thing for AKB as a group, because after all, having Anti and conflict between pro and anti is the biggest factor to enliven the fandom.

But it's a good thing for Mayuyu as a solo artist.

↑x2 Actually she has an increasing number of Anti lately.

It's not because she is enjoying unfairly huge promotion from her agency or management but because fans of other members have started considering her a tough rival.

At least she looks more vigorous than back when she used to say she doesn't care “Numbers”.

But still, I can't sense heat from her at all unlike other top members.

Not that I mean Ponkotsu is better than her, by the way.

Other than Mayuyu, members who explicitly express their desire to lead AKB48 are only Jurina, right?

I kinda feel Mayuyu is intentionally taking this role due to lack of talents in AKB48.

Despite the fact they are hyping “Generation Change” as the next big thing,

No one except Mayuyu dares to take an action from AKB48.

This is why Shinoda suggested AKB's next Ace might be someone from other groups.

Everyone can sense bigger momentum from Sayanee or Milky than anyone in AKB48.

By the way, who is Mayuyu's rival?

Atsuko vs Yuko

Jurina vs Rena

Sayanee vs Milky

Does Mayuyu have these kind of rivalries to inspire each other?

But to mention one, Yuko, in the interview with Jurina, said Jurina's rivals are Rena, Mayuyu and Milky to Yuko's eyes.

But do you think Jurina consider Mayuyu as her rival?


↑x2 Yukirin or Sashihara?

Or all idols exist in this world?

If Mayuyu will ever become Center of AKB, I don't think she can be Center who can make other members picture big dreams.

She doesn't have much of work outside AKB48…

Looking at Maeda and Oshima, they often made appearances on TV Drama, and could let other members set their own visions. But Mayuyu only made Drama appearance as an odd role and only acknowledged by few directors…

I want someone who can make other members hold big dreams to become Center of AKB48.

↑In that sense, Shimazaki Haruka is the most ideal member for the next Ace.

窪田 崇‏@t_kubota

Movei Shiritsu Bakaleya Gakuin got 9th spot in the weekly box office ranking!!

It's a BIG HIT for the movie screened only at 72 theaters.

Besides, despite the fact this movie is mainly screened Toho Cinemas that launched campaign for yesterday to discount the fee to 1000yen, the movie achieved such a good result!!!

Thank you so much everyone who visited theaters to watch the movie!!!!!



Just kidding…

↑I've been to a movie theater to watch the movie.

It was an uncomfortable experience as most of audiences are Johnny's fans….

Live singing of Heavy Rotation after Janken tournament.

Come on…. If Soukantoku was not here, it would be disastrous… I'm more concerned about next Captain of 48 group  than Ace position…..



  1. FIGHT FOR IT MAYUYU !! Punch Aki-P !! HAHAHAH kidding

  2. Fujii Itsuki says:

    “Yuko, Mariko and Takamina have no intention to nurture their juniors.”

    I’m not sure if Yuko still feels the same way after her Captainship has been decided but reading/listening to Mariko and Takamina’s comments recently, they seem to be all pumped up for AKB’s 2nd wave and to nurture the so-called ‘next generation’ members. I can especially feel Takamina’s strong intention and ‘hope’ from her recent BOMB interview. She has said though that specifically naming someone as a center is probably not the right way and I think management are still pushing these 3 as future ace candidates (Mayu Jurina, Paruru) and will be shuffling them around for a while… (until one of them can truly break through all expectations). In any case, I’m really looking forward to Mayu’s growth in the new Team A since there are many young hopefuls in this team (+General Manager & dependable Mariko). The chemical reactions in this team should be interesting to watch. ^^

  3. reddertar says:

    All decide on Spring single. When Yuko lead Hebirote and highly succeed, they pretend fans to believe that they might consider to rotate center with multiple centers in Beginner, then they reveal that they stick to Acchan center in Sakura no ki ni narou.
    This time they led us believe new gen center will be rotated based on style (Dance-> Jurina)
    But Spring single will reveal their true intention, if Mayu got center, they might did rotate center among new gen aces. But if it’s still Jurina, Jurina is their new AKB center.

  4. blackqueen says:

    yukirin is kinda “another force”, that only if akb need her aid, then she will appear.
    that why they put yukirin inside box in UZA PV,
    she is last resort.

  5. ダンテ says:

    Atm I still don’t see Mayuyu as a candidate for the next center. Don’t get me wrong though I don’t dislike her.(!) I don’t see anyone as the next center atm. I think it’s not the time to choose the next one yet. Maybe next year or the year after that. So as for now I’m fine with having different girls at the front. (that’s of course only my personal opinion)

  6. Bosun says:

    “Game is over when you give up.” by Coach Anzai
    “My time of glory is now, old man” by Hanamichi Sakuragi.

  7. Peechan says:

    MAYUYU is the ace already. Jurina will be like Yuko and Paruru will be Mayuyu undergirl.

    I said as I’m Paruru ota. No one can beat Mayuyu at this time.

    • reddertar says:

      I’m afraid the role might reverse. If she is the center, she should get it 1st chance they can set it themselves. She might end up being Jurina’s Yuko, one which many think should be a real ace, the obstacle Jurina need to overcome.

  8. FG says:

    LOL at the interation between Jurina and AkiP xD

  9. abc says:

    i cannot see anyone as center for akb right now
    i never realize how maeda can leave a big gap until now
    it’s really no one can take or possibly easy to be at that place after her
    being a center just being there
    really no one

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      Oh get over it
      You’re just too used to Acchan but honestly after seeing Yuko and Jurina double center, their aura and vibe impressed me. Stop being too stuck on Acchan that you’re blind to other’s potentials

    • Zee says:

      But that’s kind of true btw,even Miichan wore “Atchan’s forever center” shirt in Janken Senbatsu

  10. hello says:

    Anyone but jurina please..

  11. Kuumin says:

    Jurina for center! :DD

  12. iron denim says:

    how about next captain same as center position. 1 person. Yui

  13. moofuq says:

    I think they will rotate the center between Jurina and Mayuyu or double center for a while. These two have center quality in every performance unlike Paruru whose performance isn’t consistent. But Jurina has bigger chance to be center because she’s aki-p’s favorite. If only Aki-P likes Mayuyu as same as Jurina, then the ace competition becomes more interesting.
    But if we talk about Mayuyu’s biggest rival, Jurina is not even close yet. Unfortunately it’s her mother, Yukirin.

    • dodo says:

      You know what? Even without the same level of love as he got for Jurina, Aki-p still gives a lot for mayuyu. Watarirouka sthg is centered around her, she got 2 single (or 3?) already…so it evens out

      • moofuq says:

        umm, what if I say the W7 and Mayu’s solo singles are more like OgiPro’s ambition to boost her popularity.
        But being center in AKB is different thing. You must be Aki-P’s favorite. Sasshi once been expected to be next center until scandal hit her.

        • reddertar says:

          No, Sasshi never close to be next center at all. He still get her around backline despite she’s virtually ranked 4th-5th on GM5-Manatsu. And all Sasshi push seem to came from Ohta Pro same way as Mayu got from OgiPro, her solo debut/drama/variety appearance are something girls’ agency need to push for their girls, Aki-P can respond from request by only writing songs, others he can’t do anything about it.

  14. julieduong says:

    Center can be anyone but Paruru please …

    • Peechan says:

      Why not? 😀

      • Julie Duong says:

        May be its just me and it’s something everyone has said already but why must someone similar to Achan being chosen as a new center ? And by the way I don t see anything in Paruru that made her the new ace , even her character . It’s damn boring . Yes I am Jurina ota and I hope her to be the center , but I would prefer someone else to take that place because it may seems impossible but I would want Jurina as an SKE center to overtake AKB one day rather than she being the center of AKB . To stand in that place with AKB of today , it must be someone who has the skills , the character …. No one plays that role better than Mayuu, and to sum up , I personally would not want it to be Paruru . And if it happens , I would choose being switch up being loyal to my SKE rather than keep seeing her stiff face being zoomed out as AKB center .

        No I am hot Paruru hater . I just hate the push she is receiving these days . It is unfair to others member who has more potential than her . And with that push she still has not showed that she deserves it .

  15. Peechan says:

    At this moment, office48 doesn’t dare to put anyone to be the permanent center. It’s too much impact to AKB48 and to the idol herself. Talking about the ace, Jurina is too new to AKB48 group (not SKE48) and Paruru is just pop-up. So that what I said, Mayuyu is the ace of AKB48 group already. She don’t need to be the center of all songs.

  16. nonameplease says:

    center can be anyone but sister group member please…

  17. ダンテ says:

    Let Sasshi be Center :DD

  18. Sae says:

    To be honest, I find it hard to accept Jurina as center because Jurina BELONGS to SKE, even if she holds a concurrent positon in AKB. You may call me narrow minded but I cant help to think that if Jurina become the center of AKB48, it would pull AKB48 beneath SKE48. Sure, Mayuyu has alot to prove herself as a Ace of AKB but this is even more so for Jurina. Lets face it, Jurina has come this far largely because of Akimoto’s adoration, and despite all the chances and privileges she has, she can barely hold her own popularity against Rena. Now I wonder where Jurina would be if she wasnt Akimoto’s favourite.

  19. disqus_HXj15DwqFp says:

    Atcually is freaking unfair if jurina becomes a center as she already a center in SKE48 if u allow her to be the center in akb48 she allowing others to have no chance of becoming ace I think mayuyu shuld be or yuko or yuki we can take turn in rl