After all, who is ‘Real’ Next Ace????

  June 24, 2012

1st Next Ace: Nakanishi Rina
2nd Next Ace: Maeda Atsuko
3rd Next Ace: Oshima Yuko

Past Candidate of Next Ace
Kitahara Rie …. She couldn’t seize the chance and has become a forever gatekeeper.
Matsui Rena …. She proved how her real strength lacks something required to become Kami.
Kashiwagi Yuki …. We hyped her as Ace, but it turned out she doesn’t have enough passionate fans.
Sashihara Rino …. Without asking she dug her own grave.

Current candidate for next Ace.
Yokoyama Yui, Yokoyama Yui

Obviously above comment is weird, and if you ask me seriously, my answer is “Watanabe Mayu” and “Matsui Jurina” .

I don’t think 1st one is Nakanishi….

1st one should be Narita Risa.

Oh come on…. “Next Ace” is the word which should be exclusively used for Myao.


Even Yuihan Ota can easily understand who is next Ace. It’s Mayuyu, of course.
There’s no one who has a tenacity to become Ace and Center as strong as Mayuyu.

With her current mind set, Yokoyama is nowhere near Mayuyu.
She is a nice girl though…

I think when Yokoyama stops using honorific language (:Keigo), AKB can move onto the next stage….

I think it’s Mayuyu.
Yokoyama would most likely become a someone like Takamina.

I think so, too.
Original members and 2gen can be convinced if it’s Mayuyu and Yokoyama.
Kashiwagi also sticks to the idea of being an idol, but doesn’t have that much tenacity to become an ace.

I agree with you guys.
With Mayuyu in a center and veteran top members behind her, they can earn time to grow next generation members.
If they choose right members who are now around 15, and grow them the right way, then it will work fine.

I think it’s not crazy to expect Aamin to become the one…

 I want to talk over alcohol with Aamin-Oshi…^^

No, I’m not Aamin-Oshi, but I feel an aura from her lately…..
Probably she can become popular among ordinary people. I hope Mayuyu-sensyu will refrain from expanding her realm of work beyond 2-dimension…

Okay Okay, Kitahara.

I think W center would work better.

I have an impression that Mayuyu is a member who are in old generation rather than in next generation.
I don’t feel any freshness from her anymore.

But don’t you think what is needed now is solidity rather than freshness.

AKB’s popularity itself is now in a stable period.
And I think AKB’s ace at least can gather enough fans to do handshake event in a solo lane.

If Shimazaki were still 15 or 16 years old, she would have a chance, but given the fact that she is as old as Mayuyu, chances are almost nil…

When I saw the title of the thread before started reading comments inside, I thought “Next Ace” means “Ace after Mayuyu“.

Kawaei. It’s the only choice.

If she got intensive promotion from management, and Akimoto selects her for a center, then whoever she would be, she can be regarded as a ace from fans, media and the general public.
Voices of fans and Ota would never reach to them…… History repeats itself….

If it’s Akimoto, he may deliberately try to make a sensation in 2 channel, like “If I choose this girl as a center, it would cause big fuss on 2chan, 2chan wrapup websites…”

Being fresh has pros and cons.
It’s not as simple as “the younger and fresher, the better”.

I don’t think Mayuyu will be a center…. If so, they wouldn’t let her made solo debut, I think….

But the situation has changed as she made a big leap in the election.
I think she does have a chance to play double center with Jurina or Paruru.

On the contrary, I think the reason they let her made solo debut is to get her recognized from general audience.
Though she is popular among AKB fans, she is still not widely known to general public.
Though we can still doubt if she can get recognized by solo and Warota’s activities….

Thinking normally, it would be Watanabe Mayu.
But because many people can’t picture her as a solo center, it would be better that she pairs with Yuko or Jurina as one of “double center”.
If we are further talking about next generation after Mayuyu, current strong candidates are Kimoto Kanon, Kato Rena, Iwata Karen and Joe Eriko.
I think as time goes by, their popularity will catch up to their excellence.

If they select next center from branch offices members, then 2chan will be so heated up…

Seriously, Mayuyu would be just a temporary ace to earn time to wait Tomu to grow.

But how long will it take to wait to see next generation grow…?

Many say “generation change”, but it would take years until current Senbatsu members will all graduate.
Those members, including Shimazaki, who still haven’t fully got on track right now will become over 20 then…
If they take a long view, I would recommend to give a push to members who are now 15 to 17 y/o.

Take your comment into consideration, management may select someone who can convince 1-3gen members as a next ace.

It’s my wish that they won’t pick Paruru for next ace….
But imagine how people would react if it would become real….. it would bring huge surprise, ridiculously huge sensation among Ota….. so it would make sense commercially.
But I would want them to select from members like Mayu, Waruky and Jurina.

When I listened to ANN, AkiP talked about his own concept about idols, and it was as if he was talking about Paruru!! (he was basically talking about Acchan.)
And he also said “I couldn’t imagine I would hear Sashihara’s scandal…”, 
So I guess he would select someone who would never ever have scandal.
In that sense, he can only choose from Mayuyu, Paruru and Jurina.

Certainly we don’t need to worry about scandal of Paruru, but that’s all.
Will you get excited if they announce they will select Paruru as a center??

If only Mayuyu were 15 y/o with her current level of skill and popularity….
It’s a bit late for Payuyu to become aces…..
If Jurina will become a member of AKB48 permanently, then no brainer, she will be the only ace…
Personally I want Tano-chan to succeed a position of Yuko….

What are you guys talking about…. no brainer, next ace is Muto Tomu.

Current AKB needs a revival of Myao.

When it comes to quality for ace, then a member who come across in my head is Jurina, who has been the undeniable ace of SKE48.
To avoid misunderstanding, I don’t say other members don’t have quality for ace.
What I’m trying to say here is “Jurina has more than enough quality to become an ace of AKB48.”

Just thinking normally , I think Semeru mono in Manatsu no Sounds good! will become Mamoru mono in next generation of AKB48. At least they are expected to become next generation’s Mamoru mono, especially Mayuyu, Jurina and Milky.

Mamoro mono x Semeru mono in Manatsu no Sounds Good!

Cover girls

Media Senbatsu
Sashiko ×Suzuran
Akicha × Kodama Haruka
Sayanee×Joe Eriko

Other Senbatsu
Churi×Kizaki Yuria
Kitarie×Takahashi Juri
Mocchi×Abe Maria

I know dozens of comments already mentioned this girl, but please let me add one more same comment just to make sure…
Chikako Rina

If they go with Acchan-like girls, I think they would choose Mayuyu, Milky or (Takahashi) Juri,
Though none of them have reached the same caliber of Acchan.
If they want to change AKB’s center from Acchan’s color, then Yokoyama, Jurina or Kawaei can be considered as strong candidates.
Personally I am placing my hope on Maachun, but when she became the center of AKB48, then AKB48 would no longer be an orthodox idol group lol

If they want AKB48 to become Exile-like professional dance unit, they would go with Matsui Jurina.
If they want to maintain the status quo, then Mayuyu.
If they want to spread AKB48 to the general public more, they would choose Shimazaki Paruru.
Either way, Mayuyu and Paruru are essential.
Jurina severely lacks girlishness, so they’d better wait until she grow up or let her go with “Boyz Fashion”.

Paruru. But she can’t get job done unless she is 50 times as motivated as ever.

It’s fine to go with Mayuyu and Jurina for 2 or 3 years, and then pass onto next generation.
But they also can take a risk to choose young girls who are around 13-15 years old now, and give them intensive push to start a long-tile rule.

Sooner or later, it will be Jurina, but now the stage hasn’t yet been set for her.
If you talk about in more realistic sense who will become a center for 28th single, it must be either Oshima or Watanabe.
They will go with these 2 girls for a while, though it’s a bit boring.
Yeah, boring but no other member can maintain AKB48 at current level other than these 2.

Anyway AkiP said something like, “We will change a center for each song.for a while.” 

By the way, it’s not enjoyable to see original members dancing before KKS lol
Sure, if we take a long view, they’d better choose younger members, but in mid term, Mayuyu is the best choice.

So this is the final answer?

These 7 members are what management have in mind.
So they are Yuria, Kanon, Kodama, Iwata, Takahashi (Juri), Tano, Kawaei
We may better add Joe as there’re no NMB members, and Jurina is for a center. Maybe Tano and Kawaei should be out, then we have next generation’s Kami7.
We may get an idea of how it will be like after Reformation on the final day of Tokyo dome concert.
Though it’s too late to say, Acchan was a great Ace….
Acchan(Ace, relatively calm) => Mayuyu => Takahashi Juri
Oshima(Poweful dance!!) => Matsui Jurina => Kanon
Shinoda(Stunningly beautiful figure) > Mitsumune => Saeed
Kashiwagi(Outstanding popularity among Ota) =>  Milky => Hirata Rina
Kojima (Beautiful, doing things at her own pace) => Shimazaki => Tano
Takamina(Everyone’s leader) => Shimada Haruka => Muto
Itano(Cool and different from others) => Nagao => Kato Rena