Tano-chan visited Mariyagi’s ‘Gorgeous’ home (and another topic on team B)

  June 24, 2012

Tano-chan visited Nagao Mariya’s home which has been rumored “gorgeous”

Nagao Mariya on G+ 6/21 0:38

Hi! I’m home~/(。△。*)

Tano visited my room!!

Actually, this is the first time AKB member visits my room!!!!


Is this a main room?? Or her personal room??
Wow… That how we expect from Mariyagi !!

So Tano-chan is now in Mariyagi’s home where even Yokoyama hasn’t stepped in….
Everything is interesting….

Look the texture of the curtain!! It’s certainly made of silk!!

Though you can buy chandeliers at reasonable prices at chic furniture shops.
Wait, I think Lemon frequents Mariyagi’s home….

It’s Mariyagi who frequents Lemon’s room where she is living alone.

Because Mariyagi’s family moved recently, Tano-chan is the first member who visits and sleep over at her new home, I think.
So the dining table at her home is like this????? (This is an image, not real one)
Yokoyama “I would never forgive you if you two sleep on the same bed……”

Nagao Mariya

Everyone!! Mariyagi’s home is just a normal home!!
LOL Mariyagi has to deal with various things…..
Rich people tend to say they are normal….

Team B’s group photo after Gunma Stage in Maebashi-city

Nishiyama Kyoko on G+ 6/20 20:57

“Nonaka Misato on the move, ~Meet in 47 prefectures~”
We finished with team B’s stage in Maebashi-city, Gunma(^^)/~~~

Typhhon passed through, the venue was so heated up!!

It was very fun, time passed too quickly(^-^)
And…. for Mayuyu, this was Shonichi in this nationwide tour!!!
We took a group photo of today’s members!!
*Amina-chan, I’m so sorry to fail to include you(ToT) (ToT)  (ToT) 
Team B will come to Osaka on July 10!!!
Osaka is a home place for this phrase, “Mata Kitena~ (Come again)!!\(^o^)/” That’s it(^_-)


Tomo~mi, you’re so erotic, Tomo~mi~~~~!!

Today’s MVP is Chuu!!!

Kashiwagi-san lol

Yukirin looks like a man lol Funny face~~!!
I don’t know why, but Chikano looks cute in this photo!!!

Good expressions and good photo!!!

N-san, where are you looking at???

Izurina…. she looks so belonging to team B…

What’s wonderful about this photo is Izurina’s perfectly innocent face!!!!

Uhmmm Mariyanne looks like a ghost….

Where is Amine lol

Amina hasn’t updated her Gugutasu… it looks like she also didn’t join dubbing….
I guess she’s been sick???

From Amina’s blog

Though Gunma was at 35 degree,
I was at 39 degree…. lol

Anyway, live conert at Gunma was so much fun!!!
I definitely want to visit again!!!
Hope I’m fine next time!!

To staffs and members who are troubled by me…. I’m so sorry…and thank you so much.

Sorry for a short post….

I will go to bed early today.
Good night.

39 degree!?!?!? How she could manage to make it th\rough the whole performance…..

By the way, it’s also surprising that Gunma was at 35 degree…..

Nonaka Misato on G+ 6/20 21:47

So they finished the show in Gunma~~~~~♪
Good job everyone~~~~~♡

Kato Rena “Micha-san. Thank you for making this amazing photo collage♥♥”

This is her first photo collage for team B!!!!!


Craftsman lol

Craftsman Micha always does a fantastic job!!!

LOL Amina is putting a cooling sheet….

Amina…. you would become too skinny….

So it looks like she put Ace members in central position?

Izurina’s great smile like she is right in the middle of tremendous happiness!!!

Right middle when we are talking about Harukyan’s good episode, Micha dropped Kyan’s Hengao~~~~!!!

Where is Masuda? Oh I found her.

Amina-chan looks pale….. Take a rest~~~~!!
from TGSK’s Gugutasu