Karen-chan Forms Nama Ham Alliance with Senior members (and 3 other stories about Miorin, Tanamin and Paruru)

  May 30, 2012

From yesterday’s (29th) G+ updates of AKB48 members.

Karen Iwata on G+

“This is the moment when we saw the birth of Nama Ham (Raw Ham) alliance!!
Members who love raw ham more than anything else gather here to celebrate the birth of the alliance!!
Karen Iwata
Sayaka Nakaya (san)
Haruka Ishida (san)
Sumire Satoh (san)
I want other members who love Nama Ham to join us~♪Chavez!!☆ノシ”

Yukari Sasaki “Karen~” <- 2nd comment!!

Yukari Sakaki “Wow (^_^)♡”

Sayaka Nakaya “ΘωΘ*”
Sayaka Nakaya “ΘωΘ*” <- second time
Karen “I found Yukarin at 2nd comment~~~~!!! Yukari~~~(^^)”

“Even Paruru’s Japanese and artistic sense are Ponkotsu….”

Paruru’s greeting card for yesterday’s stage of Team 4’s Boku no Taiyou at the AKB theater.

“We got hungry after moving a lot.”
Those pictures are supposed to be Cupnoodle and herself dancing…?

Maria Abe on G+
“This picture is what I’ve long been longing to share with you(^o^)
Because I got a permission from Miorin, I can finally share with you☆”
Miyuki Watanabe “Iyan(<-Sexy voice)♡"

Maria Abe “This is from MV of Manatsu no SG!(^ω^)”

Miorin “Iyan(<-Sexy voice)♡"
Rina Izuta “Miorin is being sexy(○>ω<○) I... I can't believe my eyes... Miorin is being sexy...."
Wakana Natori “Se….Sexy♡”
Maria Abe
“Miorin was so cute that I couldn’t help hugging her today (^ω^)
I’m abusing the privileges of a member….
So sorry to fans of Miorin… lol
Good night~~~☆”
Mariko Nakamura “Hug((((((((((っ・ω・)っ”
Maria Abe “I become Dere (lovely-dovey) when I’m with Miorin…. lol”
Maria Abe “No…..I’m Tsun (pretend to be unfriendly) to her….?”

Miku Tanabe on G+


Tanamin singing Syncro Tokimeki (= Tanakuro Tokimeki)

Kaori Matsumura ” (・∀・) Hehehe”

Miku Tanabe “Don’t stare at me lol” <- she is speaking to herself in the photo
Miku Tanabe “Kaotan!!!”
Yuka Nakanishi “This is Tanakuro Tokimeki~~~~!!(・∀・) Which Karaoke Box can I listen to this song!?!?”
Miku Tanabe “I went to Karaoke with my sister…. Bocchi sisters…”
Miku Tanabe “NishiNaka~~~~!! I will pay a visit to Nagoya!! lol”
Yuka Nakanishi “Awesome~~~~!!! So… let’s Karaoke at the box across the street from Sunshine Sakae!! I want to go to Karaoke with Tanamin-san some day~~~!!”