Sales Figure of Nagiichi Shows A Huge Leap, (and 2 more stories about Special Girls and Miyu Takeuchi)

  May 14, 2012

During the Revue at AKB theatre yesterday, MV of 3つの涙 /Mittsu no Namida was unveiled for the first time.

According to the fans who were at the theatre yesterday, the MV features Mina Oba (Minarun) and Mariya Nagao (Mariyagi) as double centers, and includes solo cuts of Ayana Kikuchi (Ayarin), Misaki Iwasa (Wasamin), Sumire Satoh (Suuchan), Aika Oha (Lovetan), Minarun and Mariyagi. (= 3 of Warota members + double centers + Suuchan)

Mittsu no Namida is performed by Special girls, members who are not in Senbatsu or Gugutasu Senbatsu for the single Manatsu no SG.

Team A: Misaki Iwasa, Aika Ota Shizuka Ohya, Chisato Nakawa, Sayaka, Nakaya, Ami Maeda, Natsumi Matsubara
Team K: Syaka Akimoto, Mayumi Uchida, Ayaka Umeda, Ayaka Kikuchi, Tomomi Nakatsuka, Moeno Nifuji, Misato Nonaka
Team B: Kana Kobayashi, Mika Komori, Amina Satoh, Sumire Satoh, Natsuki Satoh, Mariya Suzuki, Rina Chikano, Yuka Masuda, Miho Miyazaki
Team 4: Mina Oba, Yuuka Tano, Mariko Nakamura, Mariya Nagao
KKS: Rina Izuta, Marina Kobayashi, Nana Fujita, Natsuki Kojima, Wakana Natori, Ayaka Morikawa, Miyuu Omori, Erena Saeedyokota, Yukari Sasaki, Rina Hirata, Tomu Mutou (=All KKS from 10~12gen)

Fans reaction on online forums includes,
“This is a waste of talents like Sayaka, Umechan and Yuppai (Yuka Masuda).”
“Finally the time when Nagamari had suffered poor treatment has ended…”
“I don’t think Sayaka, Umechan or Yuttan (all are 2gen members) will gain popularity by being featured in the MV of couplings, but these 3 girls plus Mocchi have had steady fans, and for younger members it’s difficult to overtake their popularity. The only exception recently is Yui Yokoyama. (the first member of 9gen who has been promoted to top teams.)”
“Nagamari (Mariyagi) is a center for this song??? I can picture Yuihan’s happy face…”

Meanwhile there’s a surprise in this week’s Oricon weekly chart.

Though NMB couldn’t have extended their own record of topping the Oricon weekly chart for the longest consecutive singles from the debut, 4 days after the release of their 4th single Nagiichi, there’s a huge leap of the sales number for the record, making the single’s sales figure at least exceeds last single’s, Junjo U-19.

                  1st      2nd        3rd            4th
              11/7/20    11/10/19     12/2/8    12/5/9
**月  —,—   —,—   —,—   —,—
**火  131,654   172,474   280,367   231,200  
**水  *15,719   *16,951   *18,903   *21,837
**木  **7,532   **7,738   **7,238   **9,777
**金  *50,240   *54,872   **5,172   **8,177
**土  **3,736   **4,437   *11,005   *91,990
**日  **3,751   **3,782   **3,272   ***,***
**計  212,632   260,254   325,957   362,981
**週  218,441   265,435   329,438   ***,***

So far this week’s Oricon chart has been lead by boys idol group Arashi whose latest single released on the same day as Nagiichi has sold 470K as of today.

Interestingly Super Junior, who placed 3rd in the chart also saw the big leap in it’s new single’s sales figure on the same day, making them sold total 120K copies of their new single so far.

Meanwhile in G+, Miyu Takeuchi announced that she has won a prize in photography section of KOKUTEN (national art exhibition for amateur artists) through her G+ account.

Though fans have already knew this from the official announce on KOKUTEN’s webpage, it’s been kept silent until now.

In AKB’s namesake TV show AKB48 Kami TV, she along with other members have applied to this competition. Since the winners was scheduled to be announced in 13th May broadcasting of the show,
Miyu and Annin, the other prize winner, had kept silent about this news until today.

Miyu Takeuchi G+

“I applied the photo I took during the TV program to KOKUTEN…. and voila! I won the prize!! This was announced in today’s (13th) broadcasting of the show!

I’ve been still surprised with the news (゚o゚;; But I’m so happy♪

I want to take this as a chance to engage in photography more not only as a model but as a photographer…♪♪

I want to express my gratitude to staffs of the program who gave me a chance to apply to this contest. Thank you so much.”

It looks like this photo was taken by her parents?

While photography has been a hobby for Miyu, another winner, Annin is completely new to it. Upon hearing this news, Annin also made a comment, which reads “I want to take this opportunity to study more about cameras and photography!”

Annin G+