Seiyuu-Senbatsu To Form New Subunit, NO NAME

  April 26, 2012
3 days ways from the start of AKB’s first adaption to Anime AKB0048, it’s announced 9 members of Seiyuu for this Anime will form a new subunit called NO NAME, making their debut with the theme song for the Anime. It’s reported they sang both OT, Kibouni tuite(希望について) and ET, Yume ha nandomo umarekawaru(夢は何度も生まれ変わる). This comes after 1& 3 months after the announcement it’s forming DiVA and Not Yet on 20th Jan and 21th Jan last year respectively.
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Oricon reported OT, Kibouni tuite, incorporated futuristic vibes which reflect on the Anime’s concept “Future, Space, Star”, while ET, Yume ha nandomo umarekawaru, is a graceful ballad with magnificent sound in the back. Both OT and ET were written Yasushi Akimoto, the general producer of AKB48.

To commemorate the on-air start of AKB0048, from 10:30 PM on 29th Apr, it’s held a special talk event plus public viewing of 1st and 2nd episode of the Anime at a cinema-complex Shinjuku Balt 9. Starts 30 minutes before TV, this special episode brings directors cut for 1st episode, which is 5 minutes longer than normal cut will be aired on TV. 4 members of NO NAME, Mayuyu Watanabe, Sayaka Nakaya, Amina Satoh and Haruka Ishida and director Masaharu Kawamori, ans 3 Seiyu idols are to join the special talk event.

This event will be live-streamed on movie screens nation-widely, including 109 Cinemas Nagoya, Umeda Brug 7 Osaka, etc.

Finally Members of NO NAME are Mayuyu Watanabe, Sayaka Nakaya, Amina Satoh, Haruka Ishida, Sumire Satoh, Karen Iwata, Kumi Yagami, Sawako Hata and the only member from NMB, Mao Mita(team M).

Official AKB0048

Guess Who’s Who?

Note: As everyone knows Mayuyu is Ani-Ota, people call this unit Mayuyu and Cherrful fellows (But Warota is also called like this.)