Top 10 Most Erotic AKB48 members

“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

Maeda Atsuko shares a time when she thought Takamina was too angry LOL

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

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Akimoto Yasushi raved at NMB48 First Solo Budokan Live Concert [3 topics]


Watanabe Mayu enjoyed NMB48 Budokan Live Concert to the fullest!! Akimoto Yasushi raved at NMB48 First Solo Budokan Live Concert Yagami Kumi’s photobook makes Matsui Rena feel heavenly (Photos from Photobook

SKE48 Yagami Kumi, “The GENIUS” – SKE48 Yagami, Hiramatsu, Kuwabara and Takada’s graduation performance


1. Yagami Kumi’s voice acting of Shinonome Sonata in 0048 – MJ 2. SKE48 Yagami Kumi, HIramatsu Kanako, Takada Shiori and Kuwabara Mizuki’s graduation performance Before we start the topic, we

AKB48 Budokan Live Concert will be live-streamed on Youtube [3 topics]


1. AKB48 Budokan Live Concert will be live-streamed on Youtube 2. Detail of AKB48 31st single (this is not information provided officially but is confirmed by wisdom of clouds) 3. Time has come to create

Seiyu Senbatsu “NO NAME” now has practically disbanded [3 Topics]


Quick update of the latest happenings in AKB48verse this week. Seiyu Senbatsu “NO NAME” now has practically disbanded. NO NAME, the offshoot group of AKB48, which comprises 9 members, Ishida

SKE48 | Can you make it through these beautiful photos of graduating members without crying?


As you all know, our SKE48’s Hata Sawako graduated the group on March 31th. Photos: Final theater performance of Hata Sawako 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.   Through she

SKE48 announces 2013 Spring Solo Concert in Nagoya, The Last Stage for the 9 graduating members


Photo: Former SKE48 theater manager Yuasa, announced the spring concert will be the last stage for the 9 members graduate in this spring SKE48, a sister group of AKB48, based

Yagami Kumi photo Matsuri starts again!!!!


” As a stater, I share some photos but you gotta also share yours! ” ” ” Hula Hoop Kuumin Body AttacKuumin!! ” ” Kuumin in various faces ” UG

AKB Members who have Flawless Skin


” Wasamin! ” This must be Kaoru-kun! (Mitsumune Kaoru) ” Of course, the No.1 Ugly-Cute girl of 48 group, Maachun!!! ※Ogasawara Mayu ” It’s time for the stealth marketing of Yukko!! ※Kinoshita

AKB48 MVs that have the best appearance of each member


” Please share your opinion following the form below. (Member’s name) shines the most in (Song’s name)’s MV You choice is limited to MVs. ” Meetan was shining the most

How about creating a new subunit with Yagami Kumi and Kizaki Yuria?


” If they form a unit something like PUFFY or HALCALI, I think it will be fantastic for fans!! ” Something very laid-back, airhead type of unit? I think it

Sneak preview of SKE48 Members Love Confession scenes in upcoming AKB 1/149 Ren’ai Sousenkyo


Total 800K copies sold game franchise “AKB1/48” will release it’s 3rd installment this year. This time all of regular members of AKB48’s sister group, totaled 149 members, join the game, which means

AKB48 Members photos that are reminiscent of Cats


” Let’s have a fun and grin weirdly together! ” Then again, a thread for Paruru… Members who have cat like eyes would be…. Paruru, Manatsu and Sassy? ” ↑I

キスだって左利き (Kiss Datte Hidarikiki) has become the best selling single of SKE48 and 2 more


” Uhmmm how come it became like this??? ” Why did she learn how to make Mukaida family's Omurice…. ” . ” lol Kuuchan wants to be Yuria?? But I

TOP Ota of Yagami Kumi cast 2893 votes for Wimbledon for SKE Request Hour Setlist best 50 2012


how to get back with my ex girlfriend ※Request Hour Setlist best 50 will be held on Oct 11 and 12 ” Wow…. so this is a pun with numbers….

Iwata Karen shared a photo of her new short hairstyle and 3 more about SKE48 girls


. ← It contains A1 size poster of this pair O: . ” . ” ↑Somehow this laid-back convers teds woodworking ation healed me so much. ” Cute. ” .

This is 48 group South-East Asia's Senbatsu members!!


guide how to get your boyfriend back 1. Watanabe Mayu 113 2. Kashiwagi YUki 85 3. Oshima YUko 61 4. Takahashi Minami 55 5. Itano Tomomi 44 6. Matsui Jurina

[ Rumor ] Relationship between AKB48 and Watanabe Pro gets cold? (3 photos)


According to Watanabe Production’s official website (, Osawa Tsuyoshi, a member of the board of directors at Watanabe Pro, an executive who’ve been in charge of AKB48 at this agency,