TOP Ota of Yagami Kumi cast 2893 votes for Wimbledon for SKE Request Hour Setlist best 50 2012

  October 1, 2012

Request Hour Setlist best 50 will be held on Oct 11 and 12

Kuumin is my only Oshimen 10/1

1 vote for Okami to Pride (狼とプライド), 2393 votes for Wimbledon (ウィンブルドンに連れて行って)!! DonDon Katsudon! Wimbledon!!


Wow…. so this is a pun with numbers…. 2893 = Yagami Kumi….

*28th Yagami Kumi = 2893 ?

or NyaHappy~ = 28?

Uhmmmm it's not a reasonable bet….. If he cast all of his votes for Okami, then it may be able to win the 1st spot, but Wimbledon….. it's hard to make this song to win a top spot because the unit members for this song isn't fixed…

↑I guess he loves the song because Kuumin said she loves this song….

If he is expecting Kuumin to sing this song, that's a kind of a ridiculous act….

But anyway, even though he can also obtain handshake tickets as well, buying 2894 copies of the same CD by spending nearly 40,000 USD is not something that I can easily understand….

I j

ust thought he is such a well trained Ota…..

I know Kuumin said she want Wimbledon to have a top spot in the Request Hour… But…

I think if he wants to prevent Kareha no Station to win the 1st spot, he should have voted for Okami to Pride…

Why did he spend that much money for this…. This is even not an election….

↑I think those who spend this amount of money for election is also kind of insane…

I remember this guy also made a lot of effort during the election…

On the very day of Requests Hour Setlist bet 50 2012 

Ota: “Wait…. who's that girl in the aqua blue uniform….”



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  1. yeah~ beat that kareha no station