Give me Pictures of Yagami Kuumin that people have been rumoring the cutest girl in the world

  July 17, 2012
Please…. I beg you handsome gentlemen…..

↑ To all gentlemen above….
She has been starting to look matured, hasn’t she?

↑ USA! USA! (Chanting to ask the USA picture)

USA lol (USA has 2 meaning, Rabbit or literally, USA)

Cat ears, Usa ears
Komimi (Small ears)

Oh come on…. it’s too much to call this mere local idol, the world cutest girl…..


Honmayan (It’s true!!)

I don’t know whether she is the world no.1 or not, but…. Hola!!

↑ Kawaii….//∀//

You don’t have to worry about uploading pictures that others have already uploaded!!
You just gotta show off pictures you likeー(┛・ω・)┛

The creature in the left is also ridiculously cute lol

When it comes to Yagami, you can’t forget this photo.

↑ Wonderful.

Is this the heaven?

Air-handshake event with Kuumin♪
Sweet little devil Kuumin
Handsome Kuumin
High school uniform Kuumin

These are my personal favorites Kuuchan images!!

Kuumin blowing Sax
Kuusan playing a guitar

I love Kuumin at home with Muffin-kun the best!

Clione Kuumin Kawae~~~~~!!

Kuumin is an angel on earth….

Tokikake Masuyo-chan
Childish Kuumin
Kuumin: “Good Job, manager!!”

After all, this one is the best, isn’t this?

I’m dead…

No brainer, why Watanabe Production has put their eyes on her….