AKB7s 25th single GIVE ME LIVE is a song for graduation season in Japan (usually March), and the first song in which members challenged live-band performance.

Though this song captured worldwide fans’ hearts and reconfirmed us how it hurts we will lose this girl standing in the center of the band exuding the charismatic aura that no one can stack up to…. Looking back now i can’t help but believe the lyric of this song also suggests her graduation….

By the way, as always some AKB haters were throwing harsh comments that this tune is quite similar to Tropical wind a set piece for 2011 Japan Band Competition for high-school student. They also cited Keion, a popular Anime in 2011, to say what AKB48 is doing in this song is the live-action version of Keion. But I think some of best-selling songs also have similar tune to other past-hits, like Teenage Dream of Katy Perry sounds exactly like that song (I forgot the title but it’s hook part is almost identical to Katy Perry’s song).

So, let’s just ignore these haters’ comments and enjoy our girls’ performance!!

As soon as I heard the news they are gonna form a band, I was wondering who plays what.
It turned out like this,

team A; Haruna, Rino, Mariko, Takajo, Takamina, Atsuko
team B: Tomochin, Yuko, Miichan, Sae, Yui
team C: Tomo~mi, Yukirin, Rie, Mayuyu
SKE48: Jurina, Rena
NMB48: Saya-Nee

Though in this digest version of MV, chorus members appear as audience, they are Sebatsu members for this song.

Band name: Baby Blossom

Rhythm Guitar: Atusko
Lead Guitar: TakaMina
Bass: Yuko
Drummer: Yukirin
Keyboard: Mayuyu, Haruna
Percussion: Mariko, Tomochin, Jurina
Trombone: Rino, Miichan
Trumpet: Yui, Rena
Chorus: Sae, Takajo, Rie, Tomo~mi, Saya-nee

In the video, which is taken in a gymnastic hall of a high-school, where all of us attended a graduation ceremony in March, Takamina as usual shows off her Doyagao lol

My friend, rather than cherish our memories,  let’s believe our bright tomorrow!
You know, Graduation is not an exit but it’s an entrance!
My friend, we are gonna walk our own path
Don’t say good bye, we can meet again soon, so for now let’s high-touch together!!

0:00 Acchan!!
0:06 chorus members, Sae, Takajo, Rie, Tomo~mi, Saya-nee, are giving cheers for Baby Blossom!!
0:08 Goddess and the next center of AKB, who could imagine she play a keyboard part!?
0:10 As a surprise choice for her Yukirin ended up playing drum, which made me a huge fan of her!! She looks so much a captain (of team B) more than her we see in TV shows?
0:12 Yuko is so translucent!!!
0:15 Acchan! What a striking gaze! then Takamina’s Doyagao!!! Love it1
0:18 Yuko is os translucent and bright!!!
0:21 we will never see this three top after her graduation……? This once again made me sure that there’s no alternative for any of these three. AKB will be completely different after Acchan?
0:26 I love Rino’s shaking move!!!!!!! and Miichan is as I expected singing rather than blowing trombone!!!!!!!
0:28 Kojiharu looks soooooo Sadako lol
0:30 Takamina slightly angled her face with excited Jurina and always smiling like a goddess Mayuyu in her back
0:31 Yukirn gave me her gaze?? lol
0:32 She has a perfect aura of a leader!!! This face expression makes Everyone wants to follow her!!
0:35 i like somky glare in the back!!!!and Yukirin’s hair style is so cute!
0:36 It’s rare to see Yuko is moving less than Kojiharu and Rino!!  While Acchan is covered with full of aura by just standing straight there.
0:40 her quick nodding is soooooo adorable
0:42 Yukirin is looking at….
0:44 Jurina!!!!!! and Yuko is looking at… Miichan? haha she is walking toward Miichan and Rino after noticed Yukirin is glued to Jurina
0:47 Yuihan and Rena looks so serious (Only Yuko, Rino and Rena has experience of their instruments assigned to them.)
0:51 AKB for lyfe!!!!!