Noel Gallagher, Former member of Rock Band Oasis shared his impression on AKB48 and Sousenkyo

  October 1, 2012

There're a lot of misunderstanding, but looks like he is content with it…. ^^

I actually think that if he loves AKB48 that much, he has to collaborate with them.

Noel knows a lot about AKB48 lol

I thought he just tediously talked about AKB48 describing them as a group of nasty kids, but then I spewed my black coffee when I found he unexpectedly elaborated on it!!

I want to ask who's his Oshimen….

Probably Okaro, who seems to be popular among Westerners?

If he ever chooses Lovetan, it will makes my day.

Is he the Mr.Bean look alike?


For the first time in the last couple of years I heard such a good news….

His word choice, Lead-vocal….. sounds so Rock Band guy…. lol

But the truth is….. not just only 48 members….

By the way, for those who feel insulted by “Fuckin”, in this case this is a candid appraisal.

When you apply AKB's song history to Oasis's discography…

Skirt Hirari = Supersonice (Major Debut)

Aitakatta = Live Forever (Breakthrough)

Oogoe Diamond = Whatever (Hit)

Heavy Rotation = Morning Glory (Big Hit)

Probably we'll see him looping at a handshake event…. Probably at Komori's lane….

But there was no AKB member who was interested in Noel-san…

I heard Noel was crying so hard when he was watching the live streaming of Sousenkyo at a bar in Chile.


Yeah Tanamin went to his live concert at Budo-Kan lol

I want him to read all of 2ch thread about AKB48 in English!!!!



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