There Was One Member Who Was At Disneyland Today Separately From Miichan and Sashiko

  May 17, 2012

Today, as it was a off day for Minami Minegishi and Rino Sashihara, some fans tweeted that they saw these 2 girls of AKB48 at Disneyland in Chiba. Being a singer, most of AKB48 members are seen with mask covering their mouths especially in crowded spaces like this, but as this picture proves, their disguise masks were not working well as they expected in the dreamland.

It’s not only hiding their identity but even make them look more stand out from other people. But compared to Miichan, who is obviously usual Miichan in this photo despite we only can see her eyes and hairs, Sashiko is…. just being a ordinary person.
Hope they could have enjoyed the dreamland and refreshed themselves!

But, we’d better think being having to disguise in order to enjoy Disneyland without making a fuss is rather a blessing as artists. You know what? There’s another AKB member who were at Disneyland…… alone…….. at the same day as 2 girls were enjoying the dreamland.

Tanamin G+

I finally came to the point that I go to the drealand alone.
Don’t underestimate Tanabocchi (Bocchi: alone).
Tanamin “

It’s might be explained that she is a hardcore fan of Disneyland as she wrote ‘Don’t underestimate!’, but this day, other two girls were also at the Disneyland, which means Tanamina was a real bocchi…?

Fans reacted to this somewhat heartbreaking news of Shiga’s princess with comments like,

It’s not unusual to be alone. For example I’m always alone at AKB’s concerts!

I was so lonely when I was at Shake Hands event alone….


According to her G+, she’s been getting tons of email today… lol

(Update: KitaRie, Shiichan and Yuihan were also there after they finished meeting, Yuihan wrote on G+, as Miichan and Sashiko went to Maris (hair salon) together after Disnyeland, they may have not met each other at the dream nation?)