As the election day is approaching, AKB fans who are also creators has been publishing their works to show support for their Oshi-men. 

You can see dozens of fan-made videos dedicated to uploaders Oshi-men on youtube, and you also can find fan-made posters or newpapers online.

team M Momoka Kinoshita “Don’t you want to see how I transform?”

Magic square where she is kneeling down, circles around her head (which say under summoning, spinning a daydream)… awesome work…!!

Meanwhile, Bentoh shop HottoMotto updated their website as they are launching their new Ads campaign featuring 3 of AKB members this time. You can download 3 different sizes of wallpapers of each member (1600 x 1200, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 800 ), and you can also watch members videos exclusively available on their website.

official AKB48 x HottoMotto


Since every week at least one group release their single in this month, members are having tough and sleepy days. Today, Warota members were spending whole day for the promotion of their upcoming single Shonen yo Uso o Tsuke, and as you can see, they were having sleepy day.
But rather worrying about them, fans seem to be pleased with this photo, because this hard working day allowed Ayarin captured this insanely cute in the photo.

Mayuyu photographed by Ayarin

As this 6 singles are released this month and the election will be held, creators are moving their hands at the speed of light just to spread AKB love to the world. Imagine without these genius Ota fans, how AKB48 would be boring!! They are of course essential parts of whole AKB movement!!

Thank you craftmans!!!