AKB48 Members Funny Appeal Videos For 4th General Election

  May 6, 2012

This morning, videos of all 237 participants appeal comments for upcoming 4th general has upoaded on Youtube. Since it takes to long to watch all of these videos, I’ll introduce you to several “funny and creative” videos of my pick!

1. Maachun(小笠原茉由)
In full body costume of aunt, she starts talking in squeaky voice. As we are puzzled that it’s not her usual voice, she bend down to underneath of a desk. Yes she inhaled helium gas to make high-pitched voice! Because it’s filmed on near her birthday (11th Apr) there’s a birthday cake moving slowly on a desk.
She is one of the most prominent comedian of AKB48 groups, and advanced to third round of R-1 Grad Prix, a popular Comedy tournament for single-act comedy.

2. Momoka Kinoshita (木下百花)
She appeared with a costume with blood on it and forced to change with other appropriate one (this is her account but of course it’s obvious(?) she washed her cloths as well as her hair to remove blood on her costume…. lol Though I’m not sure whether she brought 2 costumes for the filming or only one, which she was wearing in the photo below).

She took most of her 1 minute for expressing her admiration toward Mayuyu, who is so beautiful as if coming from different world to Momoka’s eyes.

3. Nana Yamada (山田菜々)
I’m Nana Yamada. (starts drawing something on a sketchbook) (starts taking off her cloths)… (grab the sketchbook) Dappi!!!”
Dappi = Molting, grow out of old oneself
It’s a nice pun which I think everyone can understand her point??

4. Haachan (片山陽加)

Not only dressed like Oiran, she totally being Oiran in every aspects.
“Doya Doya Tamaranyaro~~~~”
(How do you feel (about her look)? You can’t resist my charm~~~!)
“Named captain of Arts Club, my name was used for a title of SSA concerts, selected for Gugutasu Senbatsu, I’m getting a good flow, Chance no Junban is approaching me!! (It’s my turn and I’ll get a chance!)

Chance no Junban

5. Minami Takahashi (高橋みなみ)
“Finally this year’s AKB’ election season has started. 2 push, flickering, Stand-by, Okay. (Collecting power…..) (Struggling so hard to draw AKB’s mystical sword… (when she draws her sword, it will tell the start of AKB’s election season (battle season))) IZA SHUTSUJIN ZYA~~~~~!!!(Armies! Start the war!!!)” lol

6. Tomochin (板野友美)
After briefly paying gratitude to fans who voted for her in the last election, she then starts talking about some of her recent favorite dishes she cooks… She concluded this speech by saying “I recommend you to try cooking these dishes.” lol By the way it’s only me that think she looks obviously wants to talk more about cooking??