Sashihara Rino Produce ‘1st Yubi-Matsuri’ (Updated)

  June 26, 2012
From a photo session in the joint press conference

Sashihara Rino produce “1st Yubi-Matsuri ~Idols Emergency Meeting~” will be held today, on 25th June at Tokyo Nippon Budo-Kan. All casts attended the joint press conference held before the show.

Total 105 idols from 10 idol music acts will join the show, including Idoling!!, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, SUPER☆GiRLS, Tokyo Joshiryu, Nogizaka46, Pasupo, Buono!, Momoiro-Clover Z, Watariroka Hashiritai7, and not to mention, Sashihara Rino. 2 members from each group and Sashihara attended the press conference.

“I’m so sorry to you for causing trouble. At first, I was not sure whether I can hold the event or not….. But we managed to be able to hold it. I hope you will enjoy the show today.” Sashihara greeted. Following this, they conducted a survey with handing “Totalizer” (Small switch you can push without being seen by others. Often used for survey in TV shows)” to all groups but Sashihara, asking “Do you look forward to today’s event?”, then all 9 groups answered “yes”.

Following question was “Are you putting expectation on Sashihara, the producer of the event?”. 8 groups answered “yes”. As one group didn’t push switch for the quetion, Sashihara reacted, doubting if it’s her fellow member Mayu. “E???? Who??? Mayu???”, she said, though Mayu simply answered “No. I pushed (the switch).” Sashihara then said “So I will host the show with this awkward feeling as I know the fact one group doesn’t expect much from me….” drawing laughter.

Afterwards, each group gave a comment, expressing their will on the show and their appealing points.

To Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (average age: 13.7), who, unlike their usual image, were dressed in hard rock taste costume and make-up, Sashihara said with a surprise, “Ebichu-san went way too far!!!
Ebichu’s Hirota Aika quipped, “This is our formal costume.”, “If so, it’s alright.” Sashihara answered, though she looked not fully convinced.
“A little while ago, when Sashihara-san battled against Nogizaka46-san, for some reason, we were made to join in Sashihara-san’s team before we knew it, and I remove all posters of Nogizaka-san in my room. But then today I found she is really friendly to Nogizaka-san!!!! What should I do with removed posters of Nogizaka-san?? ” Momota Kanano from Momoiro-Clover Z asked to Sashihara. “Then please put it back!!” Sashihara answerd, which made both Momo-Clo and Nogizaka pleased.
When asked “Title says this is 1st one. So who you want to invite as this event continue to 2nd, 3rd ones…?”, Sashihara answered “I’m not sure they can accept my offer but some day, I want my dear Morning Musume-san to guest the event. Also I hope my fellow members of AKB48HKT48 and SKE48 etc. to appear the show. I want idols who still don’t make appearance on TV to use this event as an opportunity, too.” “I think everyone is busy with their own work. It may be difficult to invite them to Fukuoka, so I want to hold the next event in Tokyo, again.” When asked about highlights of the show, “I’ve prepared one thing which you can rarely see. And… personally, because I won’t often have a chance to sing solo at Budo-Kan, I want to enjoy the performance to the fullest”, with a smile.

So today is Kitarie’s Seitansai (Birthday Celebration Festival)….
Kitarie sent her letter to Sashiko at Sashiko’s Seitansai, but has Sashiko sent letter to Kitarie this time???
If only there isn’t Sashihara…. Then this event would be more fun…..
But if it were not Sashihara, then this event wouldn’t be materialized in the first place.
LOL do you really think this event is produced by Sashihara???
I think I can say for sure that her love and aspiration for idols was materialized in this event. Other members such as Sakiko, Kojiharu or Yukirin are also idol Ota but if they did the same thing, do you think they could draw attention from fans and media as much as Sashiko???
So is it real that a ticket for this concert is only 345yen???
If so I don’t mind taking time to go there… They will sell day-of-performance tickets?
LOL Stop joking!!! Now tickets are sold at 20,000yen on online auctions… 
If this is Mocchi-san’s Koyubi-Matsuri (Yubi: finger, Koyubi: little finger), then everything would be settled down….

1. Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku — 1song
2. Nogizaka46 — Oide shampoo, Guruguru Curtain
3. Pasupo☆ — 3songs
4. Warota Kibou Sanmyaku, Shonen yo Uso o Tsuke, Kanpeki Gu~noone
5. Momoiro Colver Z — 2songs
6. Tokyo Joshiryu –— 3songs
7. Super☆Girls — 3songs
8. Buono! — 3songs
9. Idoling!!! — 3songs
10. Sashihara RinoHatsukoi Hills, Ikuzinashi no masquerade, Soredemo Sukidayo
11. Sashihara RinoYeah!! Meccha Holiday
12. All castsHeavy Rotation (Mayuyu center)

I heard several of AKB members entered Budo-Kan from vip entrance. I confirmed one of them was Reinyan, but do you know others???

I saw Aamin, Reinyan and Miichan from live-streaming by funs.

I also saw Sakiko. She got off from the taxi, running toward vip gate. I heard the girl accompanied her was Reinyan.

I think it was clever of Sashiko to give a center position of Heavy Rotation over to Mayuyu.

Sashiko-Oshi on twitter

LOL Haruna Ai is the surprise guest….???? orz

I think Yubi-Matsuri was definitely a great success. Sure, someone will criticize her but that’s because they are jealous of her talent. But… the thing is she and her fans must be all the more humble as it’s true that she has got enormous opportunities compared to other idols. Other idol groups, and their fans…. thank you so much…

I only hear compliments and excitement from my friends who went to today’s Yubi-matsuri, like “That was a big success!!” or “It was wonderful!!” I’m so relieved… In the closing number, Heavy Rotaion which was performed by all idols who joined the event, Mayuyu played a center which originally supposed played by Sashiko, as Sashiko steps aside and gives it over to Mayuyu. I think this is a great move as a producer of the show. It’s like…. her message to Mayuyu, “You’re the center of all idols!!”

From Oricon

 Sashihara Rino sings a duet of  Yeah!! Meccha Holiday with Haruna Ai
Sashihara Rino singing Heavy Rotation with all casts to mark the end of the show

The first song for the encore was Yeah!! Meccha Holiday of Matsuura Aya. She chose this song with the wish that some day she wants to sing the song with her beloved idol Matsuura Aya. As she was singing the song, from the upper side of the stage, Haruna Ai who is famous for the impersonation of Matsuura Aya made a surprise appearance. This time he was not just impersonating Ayaya with his body motion, but he actually sang the song with his deep voice. When Sashiko and Haruna performed “Perfect copy” of Ayaya’s greatest hit song, 8,000 audience gathered at Budo-Kan reached the peak of excitement.
Sashiko-chan~~~!! I’m coming~~~!! Hello, I’m Matsuura Aya~~!!”, Haruna Ai cheerfully greeted to Sashiko. “Today is Matsuura-san’s birthday!! I was thinking some accident would happen and Matsuura-san would make an appearance on the stage from the second verse…. then it turned out the surprise guest was Onishi Kenji (Haruna Ai’s real name)….”

Sashihara successfully produced the event which are joined by 10 idol music acts from various agencies and record labels for the first time as an idol who is currently active. She also performed the new number Ikuzinashi no masquerade for the first time.

Sashihara, who unfortunately had a cold on this special day, said “The release date is not yet decided. It’s actually not yet been decided whether it will go on sale or not… This might be the first and last performance of the song.” which drew laughter from audience. Not sure if she knew Akimoto Yasushi was on the front row seat, watching the stage, “Akimoto-sensei might be watching the show, so please everyone together with me (ask him to release the song)”, she talked to the audience.