Rino Sashihara-Nogizaka46 Peace Treaty Signing Ceremony

  May 12, 2012
A signing ceremony of a peace treaty between Rino Sashihara and Nogizaka46 were held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba today on 11th May.

This event is held to commemorate the end of the battle between Sashiko and Nogizaka, both released their singles on 2th May, and honor their good fights during the battle. Many fans were gathered to attend the event started from 9:00AM, sending cheers to both music acts.

MC of the event, which held before Shake-Hands event, was a famous wrestling announcer Kero Tanaka. When he called both names, ‘Bakusyou Sengen‘, the entrance theme of late famous wrestler Shinya Hashimoto started playing, and Nogizaka46 members appeared, walking the red carpets to the stage.
Following Nogizaka, Sashiko had appeared over the exciting tune of  Honoo no Fighter INOKI BOM-BA-YE~, the legendary theme song of one of the most famous living wrestler in the world, Antonio Inoki.
Sashiko was making a pose raising her fists, sticking our her chins to impersonate the legendary wrestler.
With 2 groups gathered on the stage, last week’s Oricon weekly chart was announced to make sure the win of Nogizaka46 over Sashiko.
The observer of this signing ceremony was mayor of Oita city, where both Sashiko and Nogizaka has served as a tourism ambassador and special convoy respectively. He greeted, saying “Both of you fought honorably and made your best of the best. Please keep continuing working hard and grow together. And most importantly, please promote Oita city.”
Following mayor’s speech, the tentative captain of Nogizaka46, Reika Sakurai declared “From now on, we’ll never fight against each other!”, then Sashiko added “No, we won’t.” Loud chants were raised from audiences to celebrate this memorial moment.
Nogizaka46, the winner, then started telling 17 requests to Sashiko, which were supposed to be clauses of this treaty.
1. We will call you Mabudachi!!
マブダチ (Mabudashi): (Informal) a best frined

1. We will play with you not only at work but during our ‘off’ time!

1. Please come to our namesake TV show Nogizakatte Doko?

1. Let’s do fantastic job as Tourism ambassador and Tourism special convoy of Oita-city!

1. Please exchange email address with all of us!

1. Please take 2 shot photos with all of us!

1. Please promote Nogizaka46 in your blog!

1. Please say Nogizaka46 at least once a day in your TV appearance!

1. Please make sure express your gratitude and respect to your mom on Mother’s day (2nd Sunday of May)

1. Please treat all of us to Yakiniku!

1. Please ask Mayu Watanabe-san to present us her signs!

1. Please practice Janken with us before Janken Senbatsu (R-P-S tournament),

1.Please teach us your current most favorite Hengao!

1. Please teach us how to clean toilet (in AKB style)

1. Please never neglect waste separation!

1. Please wash milk packs with water before tear them off!

1. Please remove labels on plastic bottles before trash them
After the declaration of all articles of the treaty, both sides signed on the treaty. Reika Sakurai then asked Sashiko, saying “As a symbol of our reconciliation, can we sing Soredemo Sukidayo together with you?” Sashiko then answered by speaking to fans “Of course and I want to sing Oide Shampoo together with you, too! Through this battle, I have come to be friends with you all, and with this (song performances), I want to mark the real ending of this battle.” As her crisp remark further heated up audiences, they performed collaboration stage of Sashiko and 16 Senbatsu members of Nogizaka46.
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Sayuringo-tan!! (^o^)/
Source Nikkan, Natalie