What’s On The Menu Of NMB’s Shake-Hands Event?

  May 13, 2012
This first weekend after having released their 4th single, NMB have been holding the Nationwide Shake-Hands event in Nagoya on Saturday and in Tokyo on Sunday.
Tsuyoshi Kaneko, the manager of NMB Theatre yesterday uploaded photos to introduce fans what are on the menu of NMB’s Shake-Hands event.
“NMB48 4th Single NagiIchi,
Nationwide Shake-Hands event in Nagoya,
Thank you all for joining this event.

Heart Capturing  ♥ VS Yankee VS Thieves… (They are stealing Tenmusu and Tebasaki <- both are famous local specialties of Nagoya)

We are looking forward to seeing you at Yomiuri land tomorrow, too.
Since it’s going to be cool tomorrow, please take care of yourself and bring an extra outerwear.”
SayaNee and Riichan
Mayu Ota and Maachun! 
Ainyan and Kanakichi!

NMB, the group managed by Yoshimoto agency, is of course not just an idol group, but it can nurture rare talents who probably can’t see the light of the sun in other groups. The representation of these talents can be seen in Momoka Kinoshita, in the second photo, or in 3rd photo, where Kanakichi is totally being a real thief that allure us to want to draw thief beard around her mouth. And don’t worry Maachun is not doing “F**k off” pose, but it’s a Ikemen pose by the way.
Recently during her ‘300 G+ updates’ challenge, Sashiko shared her love for NMB48 members with her fans, stating “Recently I have been into NMB48. Though I hadn’t been able to differentiate Maachun and other girls that even Riichan looked Maachun to my eyes. But I’ve come to the point that I can recognize almost all faces of NMB members! Kawaii! NMB! “

Which girls do you want to meet at NMB’s Shake-Hands event? Don’t worry, they’ll be never disappointing anyway!