Ladies and gentlemen, please give me pictures of Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru!

Why lots of people think AKB48 is a shame of Japan and why I think AKB48’s charm has no border

Ikuta Erika of Nogizaka46 strikingly resembles Horikita Maki

Team 8 Yokoyama Yui joins the list of the victims of Paruru The Doctor’s Salty Barbs

Archive for Kondo Rina by AKB48WrapUp  •  Kondo Rina 

Wow at Kondo Rina's wonderful Bikini Body!


How To Get Back Your Ex Girlfrien If He Likes Someone Else From UTB November issue < How To Get Back Your Ex Girlfrien If He Likes Someone Else /a>

Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4! AKB48 Team 4 performed Enjoy 4 for the first time


Enjoy 4!! ” Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4…..!! ” It was so much fun!! Team 4’s live concert in Ishikawa!!! 3!2!1!4! This song started from the

Majisuka3 members wrapped up filming


    >I took various photos with Uruse~yo full body photo panel~♪I guess photos Shimada takes are like these?      

Our Impression on NMB48’s TV Show ”Geinin”

1 “It was decently funny, I think?“Goto (professional comedian, a part of comedian duo Football Hour) really assisted members in such a professional manner!! You’re awesome Goto!!“Geinin is actually more

Maachun’s Shoes Stolen During The Lesson For NMB’s Stages In Minogashita Kimitachihe2 Revue Series


NMB’s Ogasawara Express, Maachun’s (Mayu Ogasawara) shoes had stolen during the lesson for their stages on 19th and 20th in Minogashita Kimitachihe2 Revival Revue series!!! Maachun G+“Does anyone know where’s my shoes?Mayu Ogasawara,

What’s On The Menu Of NMB’s Shake-Hands Event?


This first weekend after having released their 4th single, NMB have been holding the Nationwide Shake-Hands event in Nagoya on Saturday and in Tokyo on Sunday. Tsuyoshi Kaneko, the manager of NMB

NMB48 Celebrate The Grand Opening Of Round One’s New Store


NMB48, Osaka-based idol girls group, made an appearance at the opening ceremony for the indoor amusement park Round One Studium Sennichimae store. NMB48 members are starring Round One’s TV commercial