What You Should Know About AKB Shake-Hands Event

  April 21, 2012

Many people have raised a question it is more precise to measure record sales by headcounts not the number of record sales itself. These days almost all musicians release several different versions for one record, say… with different album covers or different couplings or packed with tickets for live concerts or tickets for Shake-hand event. But if they are not popular, those bonus items doesn’t work and doesn’t drive record sales in such a huge scale as AKB does. (AKB attracts more than tens thousands of fans for one day, hundreds of thousands of fans for shake-hands event of one CD release)

In different or similar forms, AKB has continued to hold Shake-hand events for every CD release. As you know, most of other idol group is doing the same thing, may be sometimes called in different names, such as High-Touch event, High-Five event or 2-shot Photo-shooting event. The difference between AKB and others is that AKB’s hand shake-event is by far in larger scale. Normally most of musicians or idols can say their event is successful if they can gather hundreds or thousands of fans. But when it comes to AKB, they books huge stadiums for the events for tens of thousands fans to come. Since AKB tours around the nation (and other countries where tons of fans are always anticipating for them, such as China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia etc.), total about 200 thousands fans join the shake-hands event for one single release lately.

AKB’s shake-hands event means more than just hands-shaking. Given the fact they have continued to hold their live-concert in a small but now sacred place Akihabara AKB theatre since the forming of the group, and you have a chance to briefly talk to members at shake-hands events, it is possible to be recognized your faces by members of AKB48 (people call this ‘Recognition’). That’s why some fans are willing to buy tons of same CDs (sometimes more than 100 copies!), and be in waiting lane for many times at the events.

The rules and application methods for shake-hands event is constantly changing little by little, so you must check the latest details at King Record’s website or Official Blog. But largely, there’re 2 types of shake-hands events for every single release.

Nationwide Shake-hands event

As it name suggests, this event is held nationwidely. To join this, you need to buy “Normal Edition” Single to get a ticket for hand-shake event. (Normally tickets only come with first edition, and may not come with later editions)
Usually about 10 to 15 members join shake-hands event for one venue, so it can be possible after buying tons of CDs to get tickets only to find your Oshi-men Yuko won’t come to the event…  Names of members who join the shake-hand event haven’t been announced until they actually made out a schedule (not before you buy the single).

You can meet one-pair (or join in one-lane) for one ticket. Usually one-lane is assigned to two-members, but when it’s a very popular member like Yuko, it may be a solo-lane. (And for most KKS, one lane is for 4 members)
Of course along with Shake-hand event, there’re mini live, radio recording, etc. that may not bore you while waiting in line for hours.
Because of the scale of the event, you can only have a couple of seconds to talk to them in nationwide shake-hand event, or maybe you can’t even talk with them.
Since mostly you’ll meet multiple members in one-lane sometimes tragedy happens that people only shake hands with Yuko but ignore Sashiko in the same lane.
 (People call it “Through”)

Release memorial shake-hand event (“hand-shake with a particular member” event=Kobetsu)

This event is called “Kobetsu-Akusyu-Kai” among fans though management names it with a complicated title.
Basically all members join the event unless they have other errands, being sick or having school). Along with AKB48 members, you can also meet with SKE, NMB and ohter groups’ members as well.
Dates and places for the shake-hand event is already released by the time you order the single.

To get a ticket for this event, you need to purchase “Theatre Verion” Single. Since long long time before, they sold this version of singls at AKB theatre, it’s still called by this name.
“Theatre Version” of Single are exclusively sold online at “Chara-Ani (キャラアニ)” Online Shopping site.

Chara-Ani (AKB)

You choose date and a member you want to meet when you apply the purchase, and you only can buy the CD after you win the lottery. (The application for theater version is conducted in several times separately, but the faster you apply, the more chances you will win a ticket. Usually there’re 5 to 8 series of admission.)

Theatre version is cheaper than normal edition, but since you are going to pay for shipping fee and other miscellaneous fares, it ends up more expensive than to buy NE at physical stores unless you buy many at once).

Of course you can’t cancel the purchase once you win the lottery.
To prevent scalping, resaling, or fabrication, you must prove your identity with appropriate ID (Driving license, passport etc.) and a purchasing certification comes with CD.

There’s no extra attractions for this event other than shake-hands itself, normarly. 
Each member is assigned to one-lane. Time table for the event differs from member to member, if she has tons of fans at the day, the event is conducted in several times (a few hours each) separately, and she will take breaks in-between the event.
You’ll have about 10 seconds with your favorite member, and you can use 3 tickets at most for one day, so toal 30 seconds you may be able to meet her at maximum. If you want to talk to her, then this event is your choice.
The big problem in this event is, as you already probably noticed, since many members join this event, there’s significant difference in the numbers of fans in each lane. While popular-men will be meeting with her fans whole day, several members finish their line in less than one hour. (
Rena Matsui of SKE48 Had A Line of Fans Longer Than Tokyo Sky )

Yukirin In Shanghai!!
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He(TV newscaster) is famous for his enthusiasm for AKB48 (His Oshi-Men, Tomochin)
Why you love AKB? “They embody girly world, I love it.”
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