Okinawan Beauty Gakky Sit Next To Tohoku Beauty Nozomin In TV Show ‘Gochi Battle’

  April 21, 2012

Since I finally could manage to have a plenty of sleep after long days of 2-4 sleeping hours, I feel quite healthy now. Because I believe unhealthy activities require healthy body, I think now I want to share with you a bit unhealthy article. (Not actually, but readers or commentors on 毒女 have filthiest mouth among Japanese online forums I think, that I don’t open it when I’m tired.)

Source 毒女

Yui Aragaki (aka Gakky) made a guest appearance in the “Gochi ni narimasu” secion of TV show “GuruGuru99”, which aired 1st Dec.
Aragaki appeared in high-school uniform, her costume for her-starring Drama “Ranma 1/2“. At the French restaurant run and operated by Iron-chef Sakai, they enjoyed supreme quality of french cuisine made out of highest quality ingredient.

Since the host of the show, Okamura, is a huge fan of Aragaki, this on-air of the show had unusual mood from the beginning. Even before Aragami’s name was called, he put his hand on his chest, saying “I can finally meet her!!”. As Aragaki appeared, he shouted “Choo Kawaii~~!”, handed flower bouquet. Despite the fact “Guruguru99” is Nippon TV’s program, he started talking about Aragaki-starring Drama on Fuji TV. He picked a flower from a vase put on the restaurant, gave it her and confessed his love, only to have embarrassed her. Throughout the program, Okamura approached to Aragaki whenever he found a chance.

The Go-chi battle itself ended with Nozomi Sasaki (aka Nozomin) in the very bottom, making her pay $1,251 for the fabulous dinner, while viewers’ eyes were fixed to completely another spot. They were enjoying the 2 of the most beautiful Japanese girl in our age, Aragaki and Sasaki, and talking about how there was a battle of 2 beautiful goddess.

Aragaki and Sasaki both born in 1988, 3 y/o, at the same height of 168cm, which triggered this encounter dubbed a battle between the most beautiful of the most beautiful.

Yui Aragaki in Ranma 1/2 costume.

Okamura tries to amuse Aragaki. At last it seems Nozoki Sasaki lost the battle.

Aragaki to Okamura “You can call me Yui” 
*call someone in their first name is unusual among Japanese, it’s a sign of friendship or lack of sensibleness, but don’t worry few people would be offended by calling in first name by people from other countries
People only watched 2/3 of the screen.
“Whatta…. is this real? or I’m in heaven?”
“This is a miracle. Becasue they are different type of beauty, they are leveraging each other”
“Goddess from Akita and Goddess from Okinawa
“If both approached to me at the same time, I can’t decide which to choose.”
“I want to put Maki Horikita between them.”

“I missed this Super Bowl series of Beautiful Girls, it’s almost at a level of I regret whole my life.”
“One vote for Gakky.”
“Having stomach ache because Gakky is too cute.”
“After she changed her hair shorter, she became even more luminous! To fresh to look straight at! With long hair she looked a bit gloomy.”
“Smile Gakky <3<3"
“Asked when you put this mount of cash ($2,000) in a wallet, she said ‘When I’m going to buy TV.'”
“Maybe having dinner with her makes it super fabulous and delicious.”
“Looking-wise, Nozomin wins, but because of her healthy and hygienic appearance Gakky clearly owns Nozomin.”
↑, I second you, if compare just physical elements, Nozomin wins.
“Actually Gakky is popular among girls. She said many of her female friends said to her ‘If only my boyfriend was you~'”
“Once I asked Okinawan people ‘Are there many Gakky-alike cute girls’ in Okinawa?’ They answered ‘No, she is a mutant! Most people here looks like apes!’ lol”
“It looks like Nozomin failed her makeup.”
“Nozomin is definitely sexier.”
“When they’re junior-high school, I can say who was a winner without no doubt.”
“Imagine if these two girls were in your college. Maybe the one steals everyone’s eyes would be Nozomin.”
“On Youtube, almost all people make comments for Nozomin’s videos are Gaijin! Maybe that’s becasue they can relate themselves to her looking?”
“BTW, Nozomin looks so tired. She looks being about to sleep!”
“Nozomin is a beaf stew.”
“Gakky is Matsutake Soup”
“Come on… Why you paint this dream 2-shot as a battle… Just enjoy these beautiful girls!!”
“The real winner is those who can appreciate  both types of beauty.”