This must be Kaoru-kun! (Mitsumune Kaoru)

Of course, the No.1 Ugly-Cute girl of 48 group,


※Ogasawara Mayu

It’s time for the stealth marketing of Yukko!!

※Kinoshita Yuko

I was struck by Karen’s beautiful skin when I watched NHK’s disaster restoration program.

Probably it’s because she is from Tohoku and at very young age?

Anyway, I think Iwata has by far the best and most flawless skin.

Sasaki Yukari

Matsui Rena

NMB Shinoma

I think, inherently, junior high school student members have huge advantage…

If you select a member who has the most flawless skin among all adult members, many people will select Harugon, I think.

Greek sculpture Mayuyu

Churi’s hands are so beautiful. I’m not sure if her facial skin is flawless or not.

↑What a huge image…. Putting aside whether she has beautiful skin or not, I can’t find a high def photo of my Oshi’s plain face…

What flawless about Churi is her inside.


BUSAKAWA (=Maachun)

Renatamu! (Matsui Rena)

Matsui Rena-chan(´・ω・`)




I saw Rena for countless times in a close range, and I shall say she as well as Mayuyu always have flawless white skin despite their busy schedule, and had beautiful skin maintained over these years.


Which is understandable coz she is young.

Mariko-sama also has a beautiful skin, too.

Fujie Reina’s skin tone and body shape are godly.

No brainer. Sashihara has the most perfect skin thanks to Soy Milk

Though her costume is kinda silly, her skin is very beautiful, isn’t it?


I think Kanon has flawless skin!

If you talk about fair skin fox, it would be Karen or Rena

Yuihan and Sayaka


Sayaka, whose beautiful skin has been approved by many members.

Okaro without makeup

That Biriken Look alike Girl.

Miichan, Tomochin and Rena.


※Shiroma Miru

I was at a loss for words when I met Mariko at handshake event.

Mariko’s skin is surprisingly beautiful.

It’s natural young members to have beautiful skins.

Considered their ages, Okaro has the most flawless skin, I think.

There’s no room to discuss over this. The only answer is Matsumoto Rina


Though she got pimples lately as unusual for her, usually she has beautiful skin.

Haachan and Akicha.

Considering their age, Mariko and Sayaka have very beautiful skin.

The other choices are Rena and Sae.

The first thing came up in my mind is…… that soft skin girl


Rena-chan is the best.

↑Very persuasive image.

Plus Kuumin

Final answer: Rena

It’s inevitable their skin gradually get degraded as they age.

And you can clearly see this when you meet them in person in a close range.

According to my experience, Rena has very beautiful skin for her age.

Kitarie’s Suppin she showed in Terrace House looked decently beautiful, I think.