Total 800K copies sold game franchise “AKB1/48” will release it’s 3rd installment this year. This time all of regular members of AKB48’s sister group, totaled 149 members, join the game, which means you gotta ditch 148 members in order to choose one and only your Oshimen. If you’re DD (誰でも大好き/だれでもだいすき), you must go through the bitter or sweet mortification until the last moment.
The content of the game has been improved, too. For the first time, this game will include seasonal events like Christmas or Valentine, and the love confession scene has become all the more gorgeous.
Of course, video, photos voices are all originally recorded for this game, which has the largest volume ever. Understandably it tool over 6 months to collect all the materials for this game, and over 400K photos were taken.
Phone call and messages from 149 members, having date with them, and….. love confession.
Let’s slip overcome approach from 148 members from Akiba to Namba to Sakae to Hakata, and secure the love confession from your Oshimen!!

AKB 1/149 Ren’ai Sousenkyo official

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Team S Matsui Rena:

Born on July 27, 1991, Aichi / 162cm / Nickname “Rena”

Rena is the leading figure of SKE48 along with Jurina. If you liken Jurina to the Sun, Rena is often likened to the Moon. Now Nagoya’s gypsophila’s popularity has been well known nation widely.

You have a rendezvous with Rena at the airport, and she is carrying a big bag. With this kind of the real life situation of “Kareha no Station”, Rena’s solo number, your heart starts pounding…. If I can set off to travel with Renachan, I will loyally be with her for the rest of my life!

Team S Matsui Jurina:

Born on March 8th, 1997, Aichi / 163cm. Nickname “Jurina”

Center of SKE team S as well as the whole SKE48, Jurina is the face of this Nagoya-based group. Now that she holds a concurrent position in AKB48 team K, she has been stepping up the stairs to become Star.

In this game, after school, Jurina is somehow standing all alone. Her school uniform wet to the skin. What in the world happened to her? Or was she waiting for me? What the meaning behind her bright smile like the Sun towards me.