Who is Chikano Rina?

Grand Reformation Festival in February & Request Hour 2014 Day 4 rankings

Kawaii ha Seigi

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

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Two-time Sosenkyo Senbatsu member Suda Akari reminds fans that she was born on October 31, Halloween day


My birthday is October 31 — it’s Halloween! Never did I once regret being born on that day. But even so I couldn’t help but be like: “oh heck!?” She wrote

[Light Post] SKE members version of Chibi Airin, Shingeki no Kyojin Fever, and 2 more!


To melt the mood that has been stiffening lately, let us have another light post to light up the mood. It seems lately our sister group SKE48 was livened up

SKE48 Suda Akari, AKB48 Sato Amina deny rumor of their graduation


Previously SKE48 Matsui Rena denied the rumor originated from 2ch. The rumor was “Matsui Rena will graduate SKE48 soon.” As the rumor took a wild turn as a lot of

AKB48 Waiting Stage by the new team A, K and B, Starting members announced!!! (and 4 more)


1. Rena-chan, Don’t use Melonpan as Breast Enhancer Pads! 2. Don’t call us 3 airhead trio! (Kuumin, Yuria, Non) 3. Paruru, FAIL at making a funny face 4. Question to AKB48 girls, What’s

AKB48 MVs that have the best appearance of each member


” Please share your opinion following the form below. (Member’s name) shines the most in (Song’s name)’s MV You choice is limited to MVs. ” Meetan was shining the most

Sneak preview of SKE48 Members Love Confession scenes in upcoming AKB 1/149 Ren’ai Sousenkyo


Total 800K copies sold game franchise “AKB1/48” will release it’s 3rd installment this year. This time all of regular members of AKB48’s sister group, totaled 149 members, join the game, which means

This is 48 group South-East Asia's Senbatsu members!!


guide how to get your boyfriend back 1. Watanabe Mayu 113 2. Kashiwagi YUki 85 3. Oshima YUko 61 4. Takahashi Minami 55 5. Itano Tomomi 44 6. Matsui Jurina

SKE48 Suda Akari’s thrilling TV appearance in PON! and SKE48 in some other shows


” So, next, they will make TV appearances in PON. ” Wednesday is the day when Mariko-sama also appears PON! I’m looking forward how they interact each other! ” There’s

LOL pictures of Yokoyama Yui (and 2 more about JKT48 and Suda Akari!!)


“Yuichan Kawaii….. Kawaii…. You’re so cute…..(*´ω`;*) “ “Yuichan Kawaii…. Kawaii….. Whoa!? Yuichan!?!? “Alright. now, I totally understand things you guys love. Maybe you need a kind of photo like this???

AKB48 vs SKE48, Hilarious Sexy Voice battle!!


“Ariyoshi SKE Kyowakoku  Ariyoshi: “Welcome to today’s show. This is Ariyoshi SKE Kyowakoku” Ariyoshi: “They look soooo fresh~” Kojiharu: “Who the hell is this skinny girl sitting next  to you!?”

Annin gives fans Quiz again (and 3 more stories on Tanochan’s English, Churi, Manatsu etc.)


“Quiz time has started━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ッ!!  “Guys, this is just a quiz, not a school assignment, okay? “ “Why the question master is impressed by answers from fans that much….. lol “

Detail of SKE’s 1st Album “Konohi no Chime o Wasurenai” UNVEILED!!


Related articles: Bonus footage details and Album artworks of SKE’s new single キスだって左利き (Kiss datte Hidarikiki) released Take a sneak preview of SKE’S upcoming 1st album!!

NEW FLASH!!! GUYS!! SKE Kaneko Shiori aka Kinchan and Suda Akari aka Da~Su~ has become stunningly SEXYYYYYY!!!


“ Yeah….. This is….the time to Oshihen…..Oppai can justify everything in this cruel world… “I’m gonna die…. OMG She is sooo cute….. “I think these are basketballs or something?? “Her legs are already

Sexy photos of Wet Senbatsu (濡れ選抜) from Tokyo Dome concert!!


“ Guys, I think they are SKE girls. Though it’s hard to figure out who’s who except Airin, Makiko, Nishishi and Anna…. “ Yeah, probably the girls in the rear

Bonus footage details and Album artworks of SKE’s new single キスだって左利き (Kiss datte Hidarikiki) released


Album artworks of SKE’s new single キスだって左利き (Kiss datte Hidarikiki – Even my Kiss is left-handed) are released today. Please take a look at official page for the information like

You can see the personalities of SKE member from how much they open zip fastener (and another topic on Churi-san)


I LOL’d “  I don’t know why but somehow I LOL’d. http://ameblo.jp/ske48official/entry-11307353212.html (※This photo comes up without any context) “bodhisattva Takayanagi… “I have no idea where to start with…. “I love

Pictures that make you instantly understand how awesome SKE is


“So…. give me pictures that make me instantly understand where I should focus on when I see each member.As long as they are related to SKE, I don’t mind teams and gender.Please