Annin gives fans Quiz again (and 3 more stories on Tanochan’s English, Churi, Manatsu etc.)

  September 2, 2012
Iriyama Anna 22:51 9/1

To those who want to reminisce about your school days!
Come over here (b*ゝvƠ)=☆

Find the general term of the following numerical sequence 1, 1+2+1, 1+2+3+2+1, 1+2+3+4+3+2+1+,・・・


Quiz time has started━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ッ!! 

Guys, this is just a quiz, not a school assignment, okay?

Iriyama Anna 22:56 9/1

Oh…. I got it! It’s easy!
Iriyama Anna 22:57 9/1

This is so called “numerical sequence” thingy and “mathematical induction”~?

Iriyama Anna 22:58 9/1

Because I hadn’t held a pen throughout this summer vacation…. I’d forgotten them…

Why the question master is impressed by answers from fans that much….. lol

Tano Yuka 23:00 9/1

What the heck is this.
Iriyama Anna 23:03 9/1

I finished watchin TV Drama “Odoru Daisousasen”~~~

LOL Don’t escape from reality!!

If it’s supposed to be a quiz, she just ended this with simply saying something like this,

Iriyana Anna (not a real comment)

The answer of this quiz is an = n^2 (= Annin♪) 

Hope you had a fun♪

↑Come on.. that’s a genius answer!!

Iriyama Anna 23: 25 9/1

Yeah… This is so called….. final sprint ( ^ω^ )smile

Insert the most appropriate word into the parenthesis.
1.The bridge is made ( ) stone.
2.Japan is surrounded ( ) the sea.

1.The bridge is made ( ) stone.
2.Japan is surrounded ( ) the sea.


Again…. lol

I’ve rushed to open this thread and her G+ as I heard Annin is holding Quiz festival again!!

Kizaki Yuria 23:28 9/1

Ah.. impossible for me (ヾノ・ω・`)
Tano Yuka 23:31 9/1



Yuria→Tanochan’s answer…… man… it’s hard not to laugh…

Tanochan’s English↓

Tano Yuka 8/27

Hirata Rina, come over here~~~

Help my brain work better.
You’re my is hero.

What do ya say Suika in English?

Hirata Rina 23:49 8/27


(Suika/西瓜: Watermelon)

Tano Yuka 23:49 8/27

So after all, it’s really Watermelon?
Tano Yuka 23:51 8/27

Now I realized… I’m a master of English! English master Tano!!
Tano Yuka 23:53 8/27

Rina is my little teacher. The respect we are.
Hirata Rina 23:55 8/27

I’m so happy, Tanochan T∀T. I respect your efforts (・ω・)ノ
Tano Yuka 23:55 8/27

Everyone! What I meant to say was “Rina is my little teacher! The world respects her!”
Hirata Rina 23:56 8/27

Ya… yeah…yeah… what matters is your attitude to try to convey your feeling!
Tano Yuka 23:57 8/27

Rina is I love you♥
Someday, together English writing.

If you would delete this post to dispose the evidence, I shall admit…. you know how to make the most of Google+ as a member of AKB48…

Iriyama Anna 23:31 9/1

Wait…. there’re unexpectedly many people who answered “with”….
Iriyama Anna 23:33 9/1

I’m so impressed by the fact that even Yuria-chan and Tanochan is helping me out…(ノ△・。)

Meanwhile, in a Mobame message of Annin,
she wrote, she was killing time lazily until afternoon, doing stretching, watching TV…..

↑Damn…. lol She is such a bold girl haha

So many boobs and all of them are mine!!

I love how Airin (Furukawa Airi) gently guided Aritan (Oowaki Arisa)’s arm….

It’s hurting to see how huge Sawako’s boobs are…. ><

Looks like Akarin (Suda Akari aka Da~Su~) created her cleavage with some magic…..

Why only Airin and Akarin wear bikini pants?


Her cleavage….


No…. I can’t be satisfied enough when she is wearing swimsuits!!

Nice….. Since when has her body matured that much….??


I want to share this photo collage of Manatsu with you guys who are always supporting her together^^