Native English Speaker who can help correct English text

  July 13, 2012

Hi guys, I’m an administrator and writer of AKB48wrapup, Tommy. I’ve long been aware that some people have felt frustrated at my English which read like Google Translate. Because of the nature of this website that brings you topics as soon as it’s come out, I rarely proofread what I wrote in the post before publishing it. Besides, because I’m soaked into unique form of Japanese which can be seen here and there on 2ch for half of my day everyday, my English has been pretty much affected by them.

This is my request to native English-speaking people (American, Australian, Singaporean, British, Canadian, Irish etc.). I want you to help this website by correcting English mistakes I made in articles.

We write articles on Google Document platform, so you can open document anytime you want and correct mistakes real-time as I’m working on translation. Because I basically writing post 24 hours, it will be great if people from different time zones join us.

If you have interest in helping this website sustain and make it a better place, please contact through message form (*`ω´)