Sashiko on Anime Sazae-san in FNS 27hour TV (and 4other stories on Renacchi’s Seitansai, Pachinko event, August single and Matsui Sakiko)

  July 13, 2012

Sashihara Rino will appear in Anime Sazae-san(サザエさん) as a voice actress in FNS 27hour TV(will be aired on 22th from 6:30PM)

Impressed Tamori-san!! Sashiko on Sazae-san!! Sashiko is also excited! 

She is flat chested even in Anime lol

I think creators of this Anime have malice against her…..
Or are they Ota? lol

Matsui Sakiko’s first time Hosting on TV on a Classical Music Show

AKB48 member Matsui Sakiko, who is currently in the University of Music, will be the host for the classical music TV show Yomikyo symphonic live concert on NTV that will start airing from August, it has been announced.

Matsui-san has already visited the rehearsal of Yomikyo Nippon Symphony Orchestra (Yomikyo) and received warm words from her seniors who have graduated from her university and are now members of Yomikyo.

With anticipation, she said, “I hope this program will be a motive for people to listen to classical music. I will try my best so that I can be a bridge between the people who are not familiar with classical music and actual classical music”
Though she had been to concerts before, this was the first time she watched a practice session up close, she said, “Their musical performance was excellent even from the beginning of the session. I feel that each person is a wonderful musician. It’s difficult to play a piano solo, so I’m really impressed at fact that the different notes from different instruments played by many people were able to create a piece of music.”

“I also attend musical university, but still there’re a lot of things that I don’t know about classical music. Today when I was interviewed by conductor Fujioka Yukio-san, there were many moments where I was like, ‘I get it!!’” she said encouragingly, due to the inspiration from the conductor.

In the program, Matsui-san will introduce music as a host, interview conductors and musicians. She also infiltrates backstages and practice rooms of concert halls and reports various things from there.
This show will be broadcast from 2:14 AM midnight on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Matsui Sakiko’s first MC in this TV show can be seen on its Aug 15th broadcast.

This is a good news!! Shisho, congratulation! Though it’s disappointing that this is not erotic at all…

What is attracting about her is that she has both intelligence and sexiness. I think she will show off her wonderful body on the next occasion!

Matsui Sakiko
Blog Updated!
I will play the MC in Yomikyo Symphonic live concert from August!!

Matsumura Kaori

AKB48 will unveil their new song in TV Music show Ongaku no Hi on TBS

TBS Ongaku no Hi
Broadcast from 18:25 to 21:54 on July 14th
∇AKB48 will perform their new song from their August single


New song!?!??!?


↑Yeah, Flying Get (last year’s election single) was also performed for the first time in this music TV show.

Pashinko AKB48, Atmosphere in Roll Out event and souvenirs

These are souvenirs that guests who went to the event were gifted.
Big paper bag,
Big brochures,
Clear files,
and snacks.

How lucrative Pachinko business is!! lol
How about DVD that contains PV of new songs that are used for the new Pachinko machine?
In some roll out events, guests even can get gifts like that!!

After the concert, you can have a go with the Pachinko machines backstage.

Though members hadn’t come to this space, there were screens that plays live concerts footage or introduction videos of the machine.

【7/11】Akicha made a surprise appearance at Renacchi’s Seitansai

・Renacchi’s Birthday Party begins!
・Akicha appears on Renacchi’s Birthday Party! Then a letter from Akicha to Renacchi.
・Shimada is crying! lol. Shimada: “Renacchi has always talked with me about wanting to quit. This time around once I asked Akicha-san by mail, she replied back around 0.5 seconds after! (laughs)”
・Renacchi: “The member that I have become the most friendly with, out of my sempai, is Akicha-san. I wouldn’t have thought that she’d come today… Thank you very much!”
・Renacchi: “I hope I can mature and I hope that more people can find out more about me, Kato Rena.”
Akicha: “What a lovely girl!”
Rennachi: “Do you think that? (laughs)”

Akicha-san is cool. But I LOL’d at the end.

Uruse~yo(Shut up!: Shimada’s name in Majisuka3) Good Job !!

A display of the Comment master (Akicha’s nickname) from normal mail?

I wonder if Akicha started moving from the side of the stage.
I’ll definitely buy the “On Demand”.

I cannot avoid saying that Shimada is cool regarding to this.

translated by Tommy and Wingom