Give Us Your FeedBack!!!

  June 9, 2012
Hi. everyone.

Thank you for visiting and supporting our blog in these months since we started this site. 

Frankly speaking, we are now thinking to quit this website.

But before we reach the final decision, we would like to hear feedback from readers and community members of this site.

We found it’s unattainable to build a comprehensive community in our site so that many people can interact each other

And we found it’s maybe pointless to use a whole lot of time of our daily life to share posts when few people actually read and interact each other on the topics we covered here.

We even thought the contents covered on this blog is not something overseas fans “really” want to read.
Maybe we could find a niche, but it seems still only several people are eager to participate in our community.

Our goal is creating a website that a lot of people can interact by leaving comments.

And we feel it’s really hurting when people are talking on the topic we introduced here on other forums.
We appreciate links but we also hope more and more people become a member of community of this website.
Japanese people enthusiastically appreciate 2channel’s summary websites on AKB48 since they want to see whether their comments are introduced in the posts and the topics covered on 2channel are exactly Japanese fans want to talk about.

But after running this website for several months, we’ve gradually come to the conclusion that what overseas fan really want to read and talk about is not the topics we cover here.

But since we rarely have an opportunity to exchange with readers, at this point, we would like to hear your opinions, ideas or impressions on our website.

Though we can’t answer to all your requests, if you have an idea on how to make more and more people get involved in the conversation or what kind of topic you want to discuss, please kindly share your opinions with us. We are willing to hear your voices.

Best regards.

Editor at AKB48 WrapUp


P.S My view on illegal uploading

First of all it’s a matter of degree. It’s a starting point from both sides of views.Most of the case, unless it’s severely violating the right of copyright holders, it’s rare to apply abetment of copyright violation to the case.(if you strictly apply the statement of the law, then every parody,illustrations of famous anime character drawn by amatuer artists, etc.can be illegal. and needless to say, as you say, Youtube itselfbecomes illegal because it provides embedding feature.)There’re several websites similar to this website, and AKB management and members do check those sites. The problem is more about record labels and Tv companies who hold hard stance on this issue.Fansub maybe increases fan base and ultimately benefits to the industry while the opposite may also be true. Some say those who oppose illegal distribution have no idea on social media marketing while others say we need new system to regulate social media or sharing, and I think those who hold the latter view hold more rational view since they recognize both pros and cons.
But I basically believe there’s a point both parties can agree upon.

And my point is to achieve this, we need to hold a view that we can’t go too far where it harms the rights of copyrights holders in economical sense (since they are companies). And it’s fairy objective. Everyone, every company have more or less different standards.
But if we, fans, don’t warn each other, enlighten each other, then gradually we will see more devastating situation where companies take harder and harder stance, while more and more fans wrongly believe they have every rights to share copyrighted materials with others and feel no sense of guilty. And we are actually becoming to see this generation.
I’m all against those who keep silent, or insist that what they are doing do good for copyrights holders or artists, or sadly have no sense of guilty with doing so.
But I have no intention to blame on those who are willing to face the negative side and don’t avoid discussions on this issue.Sent from my iPhone