Milky: ‘ChapuChapu’

  June 9, 2012


Miyuki Watanabe on G+

Goro~~~n (onomatopoeia used when person are lying down)

I’ll prepare for ChapuChapu♥♡
  (onomatopoeia used for sound which water makes when you touch it. With this word, Milky implies that she will take a bath)

Wait, the election hasn’t yet finished?? lol

I don’t know why, but I feel something significant from Milky….

Milky on G+

Fun Fun!!!ヽ(´ー`)ノ♡♥(笑)


LOL I’ve come to the point that just seeing the word “ChapuChapu” makes me cracked up.

Even before she joins team B, I found myself totally enjoying Milky !!!

Shizuka Ohya on G+

I’ll prepare for ChapuChapu ♥♡


Ohya….. this made me laugh to die!!!

What the heck are you doing!?!?

She is trying to compete against Milky~ lol

So Milky’s flirting on G+ is becoming a topic of funny conversation among members lol

So Ohya-san, who fell into your trap???

Amina Satoh on G+

Amina will prepare for ChapuChapu, too♡♡

LOL You. too????


This is so sexy!

Thanks to Milky, something magnificent will seem to begin….

What those ANN trio are doing!?!?

Come on Kuramochi!!!

Our favorite Mocchi-san hasn’t yet posted her ChapuChapu!?!?


Asuka Kuramochi

Okay, then….
I will prepare for ChapuChapu, too♡♡

Oh no~~~~!!


What’s wrong with you, Mocchi!?!?

You could do it better!!

No!! I believe Mocchi can do it better!! Come on!!!

What the hell is this? Ohya is the sexiest in these 3 girls????

Hentai 4gen lol

It’s gonna be interesting if Amina and Yuppai can do this funny dis to Milky in team B!!!

It’s not ids but maybe Milky-Ota don’t take it favorably?

No, I think it’s funny 😉
(me, too.)

I came here in haste because I heard there’s ChapuChapu festival going on now??

This is something only these 3 girls can make funny. If it were certain members, then Ota would start ranting…

Shizuka Ohya on G+

Comments form filled up within 8 minutes!!
Usually my posts don’t be filled up with 500 comments!!
So…. you guys really love this kind of thing!!


She realized how rewarding “flirting on G+” is!

She looks like enjoying it.

Shiichan… so she basically means that without flirting, she can’t gather 500 comments…. lol she is so honest lol

I’m hoping that Milky will send a funny email about ChapuChapu to ANN…. lol

Yuppai joins this festival from nowhere!!


Wow she has become sexier, I think?

Amina Satoh on G+

If you thinks you can open my shirts, try it!!!!

Mocchi “Can I…?”
Aki Deguchi “ԅ( ̄ิϖ  ̄ิԅ)”

Shizuka Ohya on G+

If I’m a member who you want take her clothes off, then try it!!!

LOL This is too straight forward!!!

I got enough of Shiichan’s sexiness!! Give me Mochikura-san’s sexiness (Mocchi)!!!!

And the rest of 4gen members are flat chested….. orz

Then…. broadcasting of ANN has started 

(to be continued)