Maeda Atsuko ”I can do nude if scripts demand”

  July 12, 2012
“I won’t have romance until 25.”

Maeda Atsuko, AKB’s indisputable ace who will graduate the group on Aug 27, made a surprising remark.

During the interview with Touspo, while talking about episodes in the filming of Kueki Ressha, the movie she played a starring role, Maeda Atsuko also declared, “I’ll take on any role. If it’s necessary, I can do nude.”
She also talked about “Relationship” that will be allowed once she graduates AKB, and a story behind  Shinoda Mariko’s famous line in this year’s her election speech, “Crush me/us!”. She pulled her thouht out as much as possible for the first time.

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No….. Acchan, No……. I’m sad…..

Will she play sex scene!?!?
It’s okay, however, never do it in a chepae way…..
I don’t want her to do nude, but if she reveals her body, I…… I can’t miss it!!!
No matter how she will say, if Ohta production doesn’t allow, then she can’t do anything, anyway.
I don’t feel like seeing it… Acchan……(’ω‘)

I rather mind what she means by “I won’t have a romance until 25″….

“I do nude if it’s needed.” This is completely hand-me-down idea……
By the way, a long before, in Hamachande!, Okaro said the same thing.

Yeah, Yuko also said the same in some interview. Though she added that she would never do nude as long as she belongs to AKB48.

Anyway, if she does, she’d better do nude before she gets old.

Though she is not my Oshi, honestly I don’t mind seeing her nude…..
No….please… PLZ show me your nude!!!!!!!!!!!!

If she takes her clothes off right after her graduation, it will become a huge topic, and people won’t say that she is in the wane when she will do nude in later years.
Rather, people praise her that she is devoted to her acting work.

I want her to do extremely erotic scene!!

Oshima also said something like, “If it’s an art, then I can do nude.”
Though this make me think “What the hell is ‘art’ anyway?” lol

She said nude can be cool if it’s done in a way Yoshitaka did it in Hebi to Piasu.

By the way, in the paper issue, she talked something like “I will do nude if it’s required for roles I play in movies, but if it’s not, I will never ever do nude. lol”

Touspo, it’s exclusive interview…… how can we trust this as a source???

Touspo is a paper that will be forgiven for any of it’s mistakes.

Anyway, because she has such a nice figure, it will be stunningly beautiful.

By the way, I don’t find that much difference between nude and “Hand Bra” that she already did.
After all, staffs who joined the filming session probably saw her nude.

What she is trying to say is that she won’t reject any offer just because it requires her to be nude.
She just wanted to show her determination for acting work. 

Sure, Assan is very fast to accept things once she made her mind.

Acchan’s body has a perfect balance as a Japanese.
Every body part is perfectly shaped.

So if it’s really required to tell the story, she will take her clothes off, but I think she will reject offers that don’t have any significant reason to become nude.