Atsuko Maeda ‘I Do My Best To Be An Actress’

  April 14, 2012

After awarded “Best Foreign Film Supporter” award, Atsuko Maeda then awarded as an actress, the job which now she is striving to forge her career. She was awarded “Best Newcomer” prize at Japan Flim Critic Prize award ceremony on 13th.

She starred the film “What if a girl manager of high-school baseball club read Peter Draker’s “Management”” last year, which is the movie adaption of the bestseller novel. As you know, she announced her graduation at Saitama Mar, and her withdrawal from coming 4th general election in June earlier this month. She is now right middle in the hurricane of media attention. She said “After the graduation from AKB48, I will do my best to be an actress.” “I also want to sing, I have a lot of things to do.”

There’re also famous faces of Japanese film industry at the ceremony. Impressed by standing on the same stage with them, Acchan told “I want to participate in more movies.” “I also want to try historical story, I want to see the world I’ve never seen. I am humbled to be here and willing to learn from great names with whom I am allowed to stand together on this stage today.”

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