Yukirin’s Makeup is Filthy Filthy??

  April 14, 2012

So who do you think wears the best make-up in AKB48? In my opinion, NyanNyan (Kojiharu) and Mariko have the best taste for make-up (and fashion in general). But I know this is a boring and obvious answer. Recently, in japanese TV show, a makeup artist by the name of “Pika-co” threw a bomb to members of AKB48 and openly criticized their makeups.

The host of the show said “He looks a nice guy but.. he has a filthy mouth!!” “Eeeeeeee!!” screams came out of members. 

In the evening on 12th of Apr, in the TV show “AKB48 vs Onee48 (transvestite)”, a charismatic makeup artist Pika-co smashed AKB48 members.

When the host asked her whether there’re members with lame makeup, he/she answered immediately “Of course!!”
She checked members photographs in advance and gave them scores. The first member she targeted on was Tomomi Itano, “Who the heck does this kind of Yankee makeup these days!!!”

“Your eyebrow…. I think this area is a little bit blue, or looks not well-groomed.”

Of course he/she didn’t intend just to insult her. Pica-ko advised Tomomi that she’d better to add cheek color to erase blue tone. Tomomi looked shocked at first but when Pika-co said “Overall I think you’re not lame.” she smiled. Her score was 30 points.

He/She was more harsh toward Takamina…
When screen showed the subtitle “Dark-makeup makes your future boo boo”, Minami got upset and said “Wa.. Wait….” But Pika-co didn’t give her a chance to stop he/her.

“For some reasons… You look just aged!!!” “It’s like a final-blow color…”

Minami denied with her best effort that she doesn’t put so much foundation, but she only could smile awkwardly.
Pika-co said that Minami’s problem is that she don’t put bright color on her face because she don’t want her face stands out.

“That’s why you look like horror or occult (movie)…”

Then, she advised her to put more bright (2 tones brighter) foundation on the center of face, and should go without heavy makeup around mouth. When other guest of the show asked Pica-ko about her hair-style, he/she said Minami should stop side-swept hair. “It’s lame, lame.”. Pika-co gave 15 points for Minami.

But Pika-co’s critic was the most extreme for Yukirin, the dream-girl for all Japanese man. 
 She was given the subtitle “Da Filthy-chan!”, which made her cry and bend down to hide her face.
Minami guessed “Maybe it’s her eyelash?”, which pissed off Yukirin more. But Pika-co instantly agreed her guess.
“Your eyelash… look uneven.”
Pika-co gave the possible reason that she might sleep without cleansing mascara, and put mascara next morning. Minami added that Yukirin doesn’t use oil-cleansing for eyelash, to which Pika-co responded “It’s awful.”

“Maybe this girl doesn’t take a bath, does she?” he/she attacked further.

But of course he/she gave her a professional advise that her thin eyelash can look beautiful without heavy mascara. (Yay!!)
At last, he/she said AKB has a member who has a good taste for makeup, then named Haruna Kojima stating she makes the best of her natural beauty without relying heavily on makeup. Pica-ko said “She is the most wonderful!!” 

Source J-cast
Once Yukirin said she pulls out her eyelash hair and put that on the wall of bathroom… in order to relieve stress…. Does she really have thin eyelash??
Yeah yeah you know Pika-co is right, she looks amazing with thin eyelash!!!!!!!!
By the way I never noticed any problem with Takamina’s makeup except this one
I’m not gonna lie, this Takamina looks a little scary lol
But in my mid, she is always like this!
Tomichin looks Yankee? Definitely…. but she has other faces. She is either Yankee or Gal or Nice girl.
Speaking of Yankee, Mariko also played a role of Yankee and that looks cool!!!
Kojiharu? Everyone knows she is one of the most beautiful Japanese girl in our generation.
All Japanese know she is the cutest in AKB48. But I’m fed up with people saying “Kojiharu is the ONLY cute girl in AKB48.”  AKBで可愛いのてこじはるくらいだよね
Yes she has a perfect body and perfect (Anime) voice. She is sexy but super feminine, she is so… perfect except her super duper easy-going character, it’s a big exception and the reason people whose Oshimem is not her also love her so much (also she is loved for her sweet taste of fasion by the way)!!
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