AKB Car Club Starts Airing 28th This Month Featuring Atsuko Maeda

  April 11, 2012
“AKB car club”, which we reported before, is now officially announced to start on-air 25:35, 28th Apr on Fuji TV net.

According to Natalie,

The idea of program is started from the comment of Atsuko Maeda(前田敦子) “I want to drive a car. No one has a car license in AKB48 yet, so I want to be the first.” on her coming of age 20 day, this year. AkiP heard this comment through TV news and started “AKB car club”. Now gradually this club is increasing it’s membership.
The TV show will feature Atsuko Maeda and gives us a close-up of the her get-car-license story, which she has manage to make through the tough schedule. In addition, Minami Minegishi(峯岸みなみ), the captain of the club, and other members will host guests, who have car license, driving with them, and introduce a joy of “life with car”.

Atsuko Maeda gave a comment on this new show, “I’ve dreamed of getting a car license when I become 20th y/o, and it would be nice if people in my generation want to get a car license after watching this show. I couldn’t enjoy participate a club enough when I was in school, so it’s great to be able to join the club finally. I keep my best by picturing myself driving a car.”

AkiP also gave us a comment. “I heard Maeda’s comment “I want to get a car license” on TV. It stuck in my mind. She’s given her everything, all of her adolescence, to AKB48 since she was 14. For her graduation, I planed this show to make her wish come true. I also started ‘AKB car club’ for other AKB members, who are too busy to afford a time to go out and play, to taste the joy of car and driving. I picked Minami Minegishi as a captain of the club, and together with her, I want to convey audience the joy of car and driving.”

AKB car clubFuji TV net 2012.4.28(Sat) 25:35 ~ 25:50
every Sat 25:35~